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Free Harnworld Stuf (By Me)

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A good while ago I had an idea for a Harn article called "Haldana Row" that covered three houses and their inhabitants in the city of Tashal.

It grew into five houses as a shared project with another writer and is now complete and available as a free download on Lythia.com. 




My sections are Gevel & Clodya's House, Aethel Atan's House, and Elendsa House. Gevel,


Clodya, and Aethel are my long-time "iconic" fantasy characters. I reworked these as "playable versions" that could be grounded in a place.


The other two dwellings, as well as the maps, are by Matt Roegner. The art is by Richard Luschek, who does all the official Columbia Games art for Harn.


Harn itself is generally presented more as low-fantasy medieval realism, but you'll note I depart from that a bit.


I like a bit of gothic horror, noir, pulp and swashbuckling action in my games.

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3 hours ago, steph said:

Thank you very much for your work and time. I am a big fan of Harn and this is very helpful. 



I'm glad some may find it useful.


There are a few anachronisms in it.


There is a discussion about that (with criticism fair and otherwise) on the HarnForum.


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