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Which New Diet Coke Flavors Are Worth Drinking?

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11 hours ago, Ternaugh said:


It's Pepsi's version of Sprite or 7-Up, and is usually available on Pepsi-supplied soda fountains in the US, as well as in bottles and cans.


For a long time, Coca-Cola used to have a product called Mr Pibb, which was an analogue of Dr Pepper without the medical degree. Likewise, Pepsi's Mountain Dew gets cloned as Mello Yello.


Mello Yello was Mt Dew but better.  I also prefer Dr Pepper much more over Coke/ Pepsi.   Though I like Coke and dislike Pepsi (taste like stale Coke to me)

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9 hours ago, Pariah said:

But Mr. Pibb was notoriously hard to find, at least in my experience.


I was also a big fan of RC Cola back in the day. Can't say as I recall ever having tried the diet version, though.


I liked RC Cola as a kid, but haven't seen it over 20 years.


I also like Cheerwine, though I only drink it on Fridays when I get supper on the way home from work (so my hyper activity due to it, wont cause much loss of sleep in the weekend)

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1 hour ago, Cancer said:

Cheerwine I'd never heard of before.  RC I can find here (oddly) in single 20oz bottles but no other packaging.


It is limited mostly to the Southeast, as I understand (I think based out of NC).  I'd say it has some similarity to cherry Coke.


I usually stop to get a meal on Friday nights at the local Bojangles, and get it there.

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