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2018- EYG Hero Games NGD Award- Best Comic Creators

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Hey all,


As some of you may know, I run a website called Embrace Your Geekness and at that website, we have a Hall of Fame.  We do a poll every year where we at EYG nominate several items, people, characters, movies etc and the top vote getters are inducted into the EYG Hall of Fame.


This is the third year for this process. 


How this works:


I am looking for nominations from the community of NGD for the best comic book artists or comic book writers of all time.


I would ask that you nominate those creators who you think have done enough work that they could be enshrined in the EYG Hall of Fame.  Like the "Greatest rock album" thread and several others that have sprung up on the boards, I will require that those artists/writers be nominated by one poster and seconded by another.


After that, I will take those nominees who have been seconded and place them into a poll.  The top three creators in vote total will be inducted under the "Hero Games Forum NGD Award"


We do have a few comic creators already in the Hall of Fame.  Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, Will Eisner, Osamu Tezuka, George Perez, Kurt Busiek, Chris Claremont, Neil Gaiman, Bill Finger, Bob Kane, Shuster & Seigel, Sergio Aragones, Carmine Infantino, Walt Simonson, and John Romita Jr. are already members of the EYG Hall of Fame so I will not take any nominations for them.


I am going to open the nomination and seconding process up and will allow it to run until November 4 at 6 PM Central. I will then put up a poll for the NGD to vote for the nominees.


I appreciate your involvement in this process.  The Non-Gaming Discussion board has always been an awesome place with some wonderful people.  I have enjoyed my time here.  That is why I wanted to get the input from you for this award for the EYG Hall of Fame, which is something that I have really been proud of.


Thank you for your time and consideration in this process.


Oh, by the way...  please only nominate those individuals who made their fame in the realm of comic books, not comic strips. 


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The nominating part will remain open until Sunday.  Only those who have been nominated and seconded will advance to the final ballot. 


Then, the top three vote getters will be inducted.

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On 10/31/2018 at 11:43 AM, Mister Khan said:

Gardner Fox

Marshall Rogers

Steve Englehart

Marv Wolfman




All great choices Khan. I second them all (thanks for thinking about Marshall and Hergé.


I nominate

John Buscema

Tom Mandrake

Tom Grummett

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