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Saitama (One Punch Man) vs. Thanos+

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As with any top tier master villain, Thanos has insane levels of durability, plus his Eternal physiology means he can heal or recover from any near-fatal injury.  He has tanked Black Bolt's scream at point blank range, survived blasts from Odin and Galactus, and taken dozens of mighty blows from the likes of Thor, Gladiator and the Hulk without dropping--and that's without the IG!  Without the IG, The Mad Titan is likely one or two orders of magnitude tougher than anyone the Caped Baldy has faced.  With the IG, he's literally more powerful than what Saitama's creator has suggested is his maximum power.  The X factor is that OPM is typically portrayed as nigh invulnerable to energy attacks and highly resistant to mental powers and other exotic abilities.  Without explanation, of course.  

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If Thanos could control reality he would not have to kill half the universe.

One punch is all it takes. Thanos would be wise to just stay away from Saitama. Its not like Saitama could stop him kill half of earth anyway, hell he probably would not even notice unless he had shopping to do that day.

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13 minutes ago, ScrewySquirrel said:

Saitama all the way due to the laws of narritavium.  Saitama is a Hero. Thanos is a villain.  We know how that will end.



These sorts of comparisons are pointless, anyway.


If the only thing standing between Thanos's total victory is Spiderman's elderly Aunt May.... bet on Aunt May.


Um, did you watch Infinity War this summer?

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