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Fantasy Hero GM Screens Portrait and Horizontal + PDF Form Fillable Character Sheet


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Greetings Fellows,


I'm an old school 4th/5th edition player who left for a decade and I'm returning and I have convinced my 5th Edition D&D players to try out the Hero Mechanics.  I'm looking for the following:


1) A 6th edition Form Fillable PDF tailored for Fantasy Hero Character Sheet

2) DM Screen in both Portrait and Horizontal mode.


In addition I'm attempting to take the taxonomy from D&D 5th edition and translate it as closely as possible to Hero 6th edition mechanics.  

My goal is that a D&D player could walk into my group and be handed a character sheet with D&D terms and feel comfortable.  For example if the Rogue says I'd like to take my uncanny dodge action I would in turn just say OK and handle the mechanics on my end with my cheat sheet and just give the player the target number to roll on 3d6.  The same kind of thing is true for something like a Saving Throw.  While these two mechanics don't have a clear mechanic in the world of Hero 6th Edition I want to keep the look and feel there but just use the Hero Mechanics instead.  


I've read the Killer Shrike Blog fairly heavily and I've taken a lot of inspiration from there. 


Can someone help me begin my journey and help me find the GM screen and Character Sheet? 


If you've gone done a similar road in converting D&D players please share any tips/tricks, or examples of things like how you converted the spells to match the thematic of the D&D flavor.  


Thanks in advance. 

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I can’t help with the sheet or GM screen but I did run a HERO game with a bunch of D20 freaks without freaking them out and it was very much about presentation.


My first decision was to make everything about the 3D6 rolling more than 10 (after modifiers) for success.  Rolling high would always be good.


to attack someone roll 3D6, add Offence (I left off combat value), subtract Defence.  If the number left was higher than 10, you hit.


All skills were presented as a modifier.  A skill of 14- Stealth was presented on the character sheet as Stealth +3.  To be stealthy, roll 3D6, add skill modifier, subtract situational modifiers.  If the number left was higher than 10, you succeed.


You need to hide most of the infrastructure.  Describe a spell by saying how many dice need to rolled and use words for everything else.  Hide most of the stats.


i will see if I can find an example character sheet and post it here.




PS: I created these sheets using PowerPoint.  They are not quite right, I was not using a unified system, you can see I had defence as a difficulty number rather than as a modifier.  The idea of keeping it simple and evocative remains though...


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I see you already found the FH-tailored character sheet in the free Downloads section of the website. ;)  The freebies also include a good selection of Game Master screens. Try here: https://www.herogames.com/forums/search/?q=screen&type=downloads_file


Since you're dealing with new players coming from D&D, this intro PDF may be particularly helpful for them: https://www.herogames.com/forums/files/file/367-fantasy-hero-primer/


BTW welcome to the community! :D

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Thanks Lord.  I read through the primer and it was very helpful.  I also found a PDF GM screen for 6E on the boards.  @KS you're kind of my hero right now btw.  The work you put in on your website was super helpful. It actually inspired me to dust off the old Hero Rules and try to bring my D&D group into Hero Games. 

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