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D&D Beyond Like Tool for Hero Games or something like the Beyond Tool


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D&D Beyond Like Tool for Hero Games or something like the Beyond Tool


Is there an online website/service that provides something like the Online Character Tools with mouse hover links to more details about the object under the mouse.  I've been using the D&D Beyond tool for the last year and my players really like the tool.  Is there something similar to that for players and GM's in the Champions/Heroes rules set? 


It doesn't have to be an all inclusive tool but I'd definitely like something for the following:

  1. Online Character Sheet
  2. Campaign Notes
  3. Rules lookup or maybe a place to store and access PDF's.


Bonus Points if there is some kind of tool to manage/store/present maps with Grid/Hex overlay options. 


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There isn't anything like D&D Beyond for Hero as an all inclusive tool.  There isn't a viable market for it for Hero.  However the following are some options you might try.


Online Character Sheets could be done with:

  • Hero Designer - By using HD you can create characters and export them in a number of very useful formats, including HTML.
  • Hero System Mobile - By using a special export format provided by the developer, it is possible to export a character from HD and then upload that character Dropbox.  At that point a player can use the Hero System Mobile app (available for iOS & Android) for a dynamic character sheet plus some simple combat help.  And it is free.

Campaign Notes - There are a myriad of options to accomplish this.

Rules lookup - I have nothing for you there. How is that done in D&D Beyond?


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I once wrote this power guide. It is a medium thing between the shrot listing in 6E1 and the full descriptions:


Overall I think the Hero designer is the best tool. Propably the only one.


Also note that there is no online resoruces to link to for Hero in the first place. For D&D we have stuff like the DND wiki and even some pages dedicated to actually playing it. But DND is on a totally different scale from the Hero System. They can afford to have old stuff public without affecting their income too much. It might even be promotional material.

As such only official tools like the Designer have a decent chance at containing those informations.

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