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OpenD6 Toolkit App is Now Available

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Over the past month I have been working on a cross platform app called the OpenD6 Toolkit. My intention with the app is to allow people to play OpenD6 games and its variants from a mobile device as well as provide useful tools for players and GMs alike.

I’m pleased to report that OpenD6 Toolkit is now available via the following app stores:

The project is open sourced and hosted on github here.


Die roller

  • Supports both classic and Legend styles of rolling
  • Statistics are also tracked on your dice

Character tools

  • Select a template to build your character from
  • Automatically calculates your point cost
  • Supports the three base genres out of the box (Adventure, Fantasy, Space)
  • Supports all options (Advantages, Complications, Special Abilities)
  • Save/Load/Delete characters

Game Templates

  • The app supports custom game templates that may be used to build characters
  • There is a companion project for sharing templates here
  • Custom templates means you can support games that use the Mini Six ruleset easily


Let me know what you think of the work so far.





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