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I'm thinking about buying a plinker

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A nice little semi-auto handgun in .22 long rifle.


Here's what I'm considering:


A Ruger SR22 with the 4.5 inch barrel.



A Ruger Mark IV Target



or a Walther P22



I've checked and all three are legal up here in MA so I'm good on that front. But I've never fired these so I'm hoping some of you folks have some experience with them and can point me in the right direction.

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I have a Ruger Mark III target with the bull barrel like that picture . . . it's a nice pistol.  Disassembly and reassembly isn't the easiest, but I think there were some design changes for the Mark IV that make it much easier.


I've shot a couple of the Ruger SR22s, belonging to my mother and one of my friends.  It's smaller and lighter than the Mark III and shoots well, but might not be quite as accurate.


If you have indoor range close to you that have policies similar to the ranges here, you might be able to rent each and shoot them a bit before you buy one.


You might also want to look at the Browning Buck Mark series pistols.  They're similar in size and shape to the Mark III but somewhat simpler to take down and clean.  I also have one of them; I really don't see a lot of difference in how the Browning and my Ruger shoot.

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I've got a Ruger target pistol (Mark II Government) and I like it quite a bit. It's very accurate, and easy to shoot accurately. It's also (being a Ruger) very reliable, although its tight tolerances combined with the low-energy and dirty nature of .22 ammo make it sensitive to fouling. Unfortunately, it's a little bit complicated to field strip and reassemble, so cleaning it is more work than I'd like. The Mark IV has fixed that problem, though. I think you'd be quite happy with one.

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