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I recruited my wife in this endeavour and we cranked through all 3 villains books.  Post #2 has an updated version of the list.


I don't think the list tool quite has everything I want in terms of configuring the results.  For example, I would like to implement the following as options in app:

  • Switches to select Solo, Team, and Master villains for inclusion in the results
  • A slider to allow the user to specify the number of solo villains to generate
  • Options to specify the threat level of the encounter (Alpha, Beta, Delta, Omega)

I need to add in villainous agencies next...maybe tomorrow :P

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3 hours ago, Amorkca said:

Out of curiosity, is there a way to make this work on an iPad?


Unfortunately, no there appears to be no way to get it to work on an iPad.  I actually bought the Android app and could not get it to work for me.


Their Windows app does work if you run it.

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