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Switching Editions

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Welcome to the boards!!


Are you attempting to create a new character? Click file New Character and then you are given 4 options, the second option is for a 6th Edition character.


Is this what you are wondering about?  If not, just continue posting here and some helpful gamers will assist you!


Also, have you read the documentation that comes with the program?

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As Amorikca said, Hero Designer builds the character/vehicle/base/etc. based on the ruleset you select from the New Character menu.


When you open a previous build it will automatically set to the version of the files build. 


As another note, in case you might be thinking in those terms, HD6 will not convert between 5th and 6th. 

HD is designed to build within the rules, it is not a campaign management or conversion tool, though it does have useful exports. 

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