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Does anyone else remember an amusement park?

Brian Stanfield

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This starts as in a strange way. I happened to stumble across Beverly Hills Cop III the other day (do yourself a favor and avoid it at all costs!). After about half an hour an amusement park became the focus of the bad guy, and the whole movie is based at the amusement park. 


It all got rang a bell, and it took me a few minutes to remember having played an adventure once based at an amusement park. I think the goal was to find a bomb. I don't remember if it was Champions or Danger International of the top of my head, although I think it was a heroic, not a superheroic adventure. I'm pretty sure it was a HERO System title.


Does anyone else remember this? Do you have a name for the published adventure?

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Hmm... it sounds rather like the linked adventures in Champions Battlegrounds, for Fifth Edition; five adventures which can be played independently or as part of an overarching plot. The third adventure, "Fatal Attractions," takes place at a supers-themed amusement park called Omegaworld. But the hunt for a bomb is central to the first adventure in the series, "A Walk in the Park," set in Memorial Park in Millennium City.


That's the only matching reference coming to my mind at the moment. I could poke around my older collection, though, see if I'm overlooking something.

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