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Which International Champions Sister Team would you help form?

Please read wall of text in post before answering  

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  1. 1. Which sister team would your hero help found?

    • Champions of the Garden- Bangalore (Bengaluru), India
    • El Campeónes del la gente - Lima, Peru
    • Ivory Coast Champions- Accra, Ghana
    • Kovotojas Skydas- Kaunas, Lithuania
    • The Southern Cross Champs!- Melbourne, Australia
  2. 2. You bastard, you snubbed Canada! You know what I think?

    • "It's okay. I understand. Canada has a lot of superhero teams if you take into account 4th and 5th Edition"
    • "No, it's not okay. I'll show you! We're going to make our own fictional Canadian City, with blackjack, and polite hookers... you know what? Forget the blackjack"
    • "Oh, no offence taken. We'll just fill these teams, and many American teams with Canadian superheroes...then, when the time is right! Conquest by niceness!"
    • "A strongly worded letter will be written, oh yes."
  3. 3. It so happens, they do inspire a young group of teen heroes in the country of...

    • Ireland- Beating up criminals makes for a fun way to kill a weekend with your friends. Also we have celtic gods? Do YOU have Celtic Gods? Doubt it
    • Egypt- Look, we're just a bunch of young superpowered folk trying to help out in small ways...and maybe guard what's left of the secrets of Alexandria's library. But you didn't hear that last part from us.
    • Argentina- We're a bunch of kids who are part of some government super powered youth program. No, Nazis aren't involved! What is WITH you guys? (At least, we don't think its got anything to do with Nazis)
    • New Zealand- We looked around and realized that if we didn't step up, we might have to rely on Australian superheroes. Can't have that. They're smug enough as it is. Also ? How many folks get to defend the shire? Right? yeah...us, that's who
    • Philippines- Check out our youtube channel, you can buy our merchandise! (And maybe fund our health insurance dear god we love heroes but this is dangerous)

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The year is 2021, and the Champions, one of the most powerful and popular superhero teams in the world find themselves facing their own age, the repercussions of their fame, and an increasing demand for them outside of their home town of Millennium City. 
And yet, with a promising start in the expansion teams in the United States (Well, Phoenix had trouble) .  The decision has been made to go international early. 
A process that proved to be more complicated than they thought.


"What do we have on the options table?" Witchcraft asked Defender.
"Well, we have acceptance from Australia, started out reluctant, then suddenly the city of Melbourne opened the door wide for us," Defender said.
"How'd that happen?" Sapphire nosed in.
"Seeker mentioned the mayor of Melbourne that Sydney had voiced an interest in taking a team into the 'gem of Australia'. Next thing I knew... We have a nice base in Melbourne. Weird huh?"

"How about Europe?" Sapphire inquired, "Paris? Barcelona? Tell me it's Barcelona, or Florence in Italy!" If a 'sister team' was set up in a location, that meant the MC crew could use team vehicles to get there even for non emergencies.
"Uhmm close," Defender coughed, "Kaunas"
Sapphire blinked, "I'm sorry, what country is that in?"
"Lithuania" he replied, "Okay, not that close."
"The Baltic nations have very old magics in them, strong pagan ties," Witchcraft seemed intrigued.
"Is the shopping any good at least?" Sapphire sighed.
"I didn't ask, but they gave us an old based used by a former Soviet superteam updated and ready to be ours. It's amazing the outpouring of resources they've set up for us. How could I say no?" 
"If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is," Came the voice of one Dr. Silverback, "Defender, we need a location at Europe, but you do realize with current events in Russia... This new team is being put up as a show of strength against the current Russian regime? A Russian Regime rumored to have quite a few super agents?"
Defender winced inside, "I may have gotten a bit swamped with jugging a new team on each continent and just happy to have one with so much lee way."
"Cold War 2.0," Sapphire groaned, "I think that little country's politicians just played us."

"Well, this is mortifying- let's move on, shall we?" Defender sighed "Honestly, Asia could support so many super teams it's scary. ..." 
"As long as we're not setting up shop in Taiwan," Wryly from Sapphire.
Defender, helmet on, still managed to convey a hurt look, before going on, "But as it is a democracy, we settled on India. It already has super teams, so we asked the government and... They're suggesting Bangalore... Actual name Bengaluru, because unlike Mumbai and Delhi it's got a current shortage of superheroes. That said, they are pushing for at least half the team to be Indian with us as sponsors. Very proud country, India."

"A retiring superhero in Ghana Africa has offered up his estate  just outside the capital of Accra as a base. He wants to be keep his country and the countries around it protected. I'm trying to talk him into the fight long enough to ease the new team in for the first year," Defender says. "I've met Golden Cat, he's a good man. He's calling in a we owe him, and that's why Ghana."
No one on the team disagreed.

"Okay, South America?" Sapphire inquired, "Brazil at least has one super team, though I do love Rio when Carnival is going."
"Lima, Peru," Defender answered, "Major Capital, they feel they're overdue for a super team. Of course, it won't be just staying in Lima, or even necessarily in Peru, but whoever goes there needs to make sure they don't destroy any historical land marks."
"Ah, I adored Machu Picchu," Sapphire sighed, "of course, being able to fly helped- a lot. And the folks of Cuzco were so nice."
"Something old yet waits to wake there," Witchcraft observed under breath.
"See, now you made it creepy," Sapphire sighed.
"If i May say, it's a shame we can't help more locations," Dr. Silverback says.
"Who knows?" Defender said, "Maybe it will inspire others in other areas we're neglecting?"

The five locations were soon touched up, and heroes both native to those lands and from far away alike were offered a stipend and aid in setting up a new life for at least a few years.

So which would YOU join?

Champions of the Garden- Bangalore (Bengaluru), India: If you aren't afraid of crowds, want to nestle in a growing metropolis with tech heavy interests, and aren't afraid to tangle with mysterious cultists on the rooftops at night, maybe Bangalore base is for you!

El Campeónes del la gente - Lima, Peru : If you want to be close to Incan sites of power, in the thick of it with hidden Nazi enclaves not so far away, and drug cartels trying to get into the super soldier serum market, maybe LIma is the base for you!

Ivory Coast Champions- Accra, Ghana: If you're willing to take a few notes out of a nation's retiring hero's playbook, work in a country with cybernetic tech at the cutting edge, and keep the latest superpowered warlord from rising up to destroy a democracy, Accra Base might before you!

Kovotojas Skydas- Kaunas, Lithuania: If you want to get in on the new cold war with super espionage and international tensions, while meeting slavic gods and unearthed WW2 secrets, Kaunas Base might be for you!

The Southern Cross Champs!- Melbourne Australia: Whether you're a yank who loves imitating Paul Hogan and annoying your new hosts, or a local boy who wants to stick it to Sydney, if you want a truly cosmopolitan city with a lot of international ties, a beautiful ocean nearby, and probably something poisonous waiting for you to leave city limits; Melbourne Base might be for you!


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1 minute ago, Doc Shadow said:

I went with Melbourne, understanding, and Ireland.


Do I have to create characters?

Not unless you want to but a quick one line concept of who would be welcome. But definitely not a requirement. There is no prize (To quote the late great Stan Lee). Just hopefully fun speculation and banter as time is wasted pleasantly

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I went to college with a fellow from Ghana who was planning on going back there as a missionary. He had some horrific stories of the grinding poverty there among the general populace. I don't think I could take being a full-time hero there.


I went with Melbourne. I can always agitate to build alternate bases in other cities. No offense to Melbourne but it's the furthest city away from everything on continent and the world map except Tasmania and New Zealand.


For the young hero group, I went with Egypt or New Zealand. I had a friend whose uncle's house overlooked the Helm's Deep setting in New Zealand. He always made the place sound idyllic.


As for Egypt, I could play my hero SarcophaGuy. defender of the ancient sacred crypts of Egypt.

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My ivory coast hero is Siaka Ouattara, better known for his nomme de guerre, Starcaller. According to his aunt and uncle who raised him, he's the son of an office manager (his aunt's younger sister) and an extra terrestrial scientist/missionary.

Starcaller's powers center around a "star field" (night sky appearance with blue white glowing eyes) which grants him flight, defense, life support, sensors and energy control. He's similar to the Superfriends era Green Lantern in that he can make (at this point) only simple constructs and blasts. He has visited the Moon under his own power. His mother died in childbirth. 


My Egyptian teen hero would be a young woman who may or may not have magical brick powers granted by the Heliopolis Warrior Goddess Bast. But she's not about to announce this. She goes by the name Pillar (of The Community) and exhibits Super Strength, toughness, healing, and swiftness. She may or may not have been seen arguing with someone who wasn't there.


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55 STR 45

26 DEX 39

23 CON 26


13 INT

10 EGO

13 PRE

10 COM




16 REC

46 END




Appearance: In hero form, he appears as a classic mummy body with an Egyptian Pharaoh headdress. His face looks much like a metallic sarcophagus face turned to life. When the wrappings move to reveal other parts of his body, those parts appear to be metallic just as his face. He's a lot faster than he looks. His voice is deeply resonant but somewhat hollow which makes him sound breathless.


Herman Garfunkle (no relation) always had an unnatural attraction to everything Egypt despite growing up in a normal rural Louisiana setting. He graduated from school five years early and went on to college to study Egyptology. On his first spring break, he decided to go to Egypt rather than to the beach with the rest of his classmates. While there, he was spirited away by an irresistible mystic force and was returned forty days and forty nights later with hazy memories of meeting with ancient deities who needed his help...and with the ability to transform into a being who could provide that help. Thus was SarcophaGuy born!


When speaking English, SarcophaGuy has a thick Cajun accent but that accent doesn't carry over when he speaks other languages. Herman could "correct" his English but he thinks that it is everyone else who talks funny.


(mostly 4th edition)


Life Support: immortality 8< (an old version of the aging slowly power, roll per day or per phase during combat if someone has a power which interacts with immortality)

Life Support: can breathe while buried or confined (like a mummy or someone sealed in a sarcophagus)

Regeneration 1BODY 8<



N-Ray vision only through sand, sandstorm, stone, and loose dirt

Shapeshift back into his former appearance. Note this does not alter access to his powers except for the stretching/swinging because his wrappings disappear. Also note that he is obviously still underage in his original form (and his original form is aging slowly as well).



Change Environment create sandstorm

Energy blast with variable special effects (sand, flies, frogs, etc. think of the confrontation of Moses vs the Pharaoh's court wizards)

TK only in desert countries as in the Middle East, actual deserts, or in places with ample sand such as beaches, a typical manifestation of the power would be a sand or stone hand



Tunneling only through sand or loose dirt

Stretching (living bandages/wrapping)

Swinging (wrappings)






Martial Arts (Hop-Towea, a formerly lost ancient Egyptian art. It is pronounced hop-toe-way-uh.)

3 Leg Sweep

5 Defensive Strike

5 Defensive Block +1 OCV +3 DCV Abort

5 Defensive Fast Strike +2 OCV +1 DCV STR +2d6

4 Flying Grab -1 OCV -1 DCV grab, full move



PS Archaeologist

PS Student

PS Cook



Jack of All Trades


Eidetic Memory


Languages: Ancient Egyptian, Summerian, Ancient Greek, Ancient Hebrew, Modern Greek, Latin, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Yiddish, Persian, Arabic

AK: Egypt, Middle East, published archaeological digs

KS: Egyptology, Summerian History, Ancient Astronaut "Theory", Mythology, Astronomy



Watched: Egyptian Deity

Watched: Catholic Church which fears he's trying to restart an ancient religion

Watched: various fanatical Muslim groups

Enraged when a powerful being presents a threat to harm sacred ancient Egyptian sites


Driven to pull his weight on the team (common, strong)

Much too serious for his age (uncommon, moderate - doesn't know how to relax and have fun)

Takes his mission seriously and thinks he's supposed to be the avatar for the gods' return

10 Celebrity (frequent, minor) - (constantly bothered by paparazzi and the public, the character is constantly asked to set aside time for a myriad of social events and appearances. The nature of this Disadvantage is akin to not only living in a fishbowl, but also being the most colorful fish. Many people, especially in the Middle East, treat him as a god come back to life and just want to be close to him. Others consider him to be a hoax peddler out to scam people and show up to protest his appearances. Whether any of this turns into Hunteds and people out to harm him will be determined during the campaign.)


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You'd be hard pressed to get me to hero in another country.  Not because I have anything against them, but because I don't know the laws or customs, and I think I'd likely do more harm than good attempting to spandex commando in an unfamiliar culture.


Having said that, though, I can grudgingly say Australia, but only because it's in the south and I speak the language. :lol:.  That, and there might be some leftover Tolkien floating about New Zealand, and I would gladly help anyone defend against it spilling into their country.


That, and I want to see the end results of the wiffle bat I sent to those forum guys from Perth twenty years ago.  >:D


As far as snubbing America, Jr (thanks, Homer)-- it's not a snub.  Lord Liaden lives there.  How much help could they possibly need above that?


And as a stranger screwing up in a strange land, I think the only inspiring I'd be doing is inspiring other potential transplants to stay home. ;)



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3 hours ago, Duke Bushido said:



As far as snubbing America, Jr (thanks, Homer)-- it's not a snub.  Lord Liaden lives there.  How much help could they possibly need above that?






True! LL Is mighty...with ideas and support!



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I lived in Melbourne once. Unfortunately, it was in winter and I had been living in Papua New Guinea immediately before that. Something something frozen something.


But in this case I kind of have to volunteer for the team to keep all the Yanks in line.

My character? Well, it's tricky. I don't have any characters trained in Australian Ninjitsu.

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5 hours ago, assault said:

I lived in Melbourne once. Unfortunately, it was in winter and I had been living in Papua New Guinea immediately before that. Something something frozen something.


But in this case I kind of have to volunteer for the team to keep all the Yanks in line.

My character? Well, it's tricky. I don't have any characters trained in Australian Ninjitsu.


It's a shame, it is said you cannot appreciate Ninjitsu until you have seen it (or more accurately NOT seen it) in it's original Australian.


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Put me down for India. The place is mad busy. Seriously, the traffic in Mumbai and Delhi scared the crap outta me. But if you can fly then that's not a bother. And the food is fantastic.


Yes, one would have to be very careful how one behaved in India as a foreign public figure. But by and large Indian folks are pretty cosmopolitan.


Melbourne would be my second choice. I go there a couple of times a year and I think it's a great place. Fantastic cafe scene. I would love to see the reactions of foreign heroes who find themselves there during the AFL finals season.


As for where to inspire a team, Egypt. Because I  keep meaning to get there. And I will one day.

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I don't know whether this poll is already past due... but I avoided voting because Canada is apparently a point of contention here (which doesn't get said that often). I finally had to put in a vote for the city where my late mother was born and grew up -- Lima, Peru. So of course, the young heroes Lima's team would end up inspiring would be in neighboring Argentina.


(BTW if you read my Valley of Night sourcebooklet, you'll have seen that I have an original Peru-based NPC hero ready to join up.) :thumbup:

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17 hours ago, Lord Liaden said:


(BTW if you read my Valley of Night sourcebooklet, you'll have seen that I have an original Peru-based NPC hero ready to join up.) :thumbup:



That was you?!


I have a player in my Brunswick group who _loves_ that thing!  I remember a couple of years ago him reading bits of it during a break in the game.  Nothing spectacular to add, there, I'm afraid.  We were (and still are) doing a space opera, so it never got used (or at least, it hasn't yet), but I thought I'd mention that you have another fan in Georgia. :lol:



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