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Determining whether or not an NPC is lying

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I think a lot of public speakers apply their social skills well against crowds, and many more people can speak to a smaller group and achieve decent results, even without prepared speeches.  This would extend to a good teacher, who can hold the attention of a lecture theater and enhance their learning.  It seems like all of the suggested PRE-based skills could be used in this manner, probably as effectively as in a one-on-one discussion. 


Crowd mentality often works to the advantage of the presenter, not to their detriment. 


10 points to be able to affect a crowd of 1,000 (or 5 points for a group of 32) seems very expensive, especially given its likely frequency in games.


The bigger challenge, I think, is being able to reach large numbers of people at one time.  They need to cooperatively come out to listen.


Not sure I have any great answers for this one - might need more working out.

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HERO has Oratory, but it would be replaced in the above suggestion by the six interaction skills.  You could certainly use 'PS: Orator' as a complementary skill in addressing crowds.  That is probably the cleaner way to do it rather than use a custom mechanic for that particular situation.  You've talked me round, Hugh :)

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