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CCCC miss cost

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I think the scientist card is priced wrong
having the scientist skill enhancer should lower the cost of a 2 pt science skill to 1pt
so instead of spending 18pts it should be 9 pts
I'd say add a choice of 3 regular skills like Computer Programing,Electronic,Mechanics,Inventor,Security Systems and Systems Operations

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CCCC2 - Card 54 Nearly Invulnerable 



30.  Physical Damage Reduction, Resistant 50%

30.  Physical Damage Reduction, Resistant 50%

30. Mental Damage Reduction, 50%

10. Mental Defense (10 points total)

Total Cost: 100


the second line should be Energy...


Also: The HD file shows it as Physical twice; needs to be changed to Energy

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Found the Character File for #4Dextrous! and #5Fast! are not giving the correct info (according to HD)


For example #4 Dextrous - Dex 23 should only cost 26 its but is listed on the card and in the HD file as 32 pts. Speed of 5 should only add 30 pts but file shows 40 pts. PD should be 8 pts and shows 10.

Total card shows 165 pts - should only be 147.


#5 Fast! - Spd on the card costs 80 pts but should only be 50; Rec of 15 should be 11 shows 16; End 60 should be 8 shows 10

Total card should be 150 shows 187.


The thing I find funny is that when I create these files manually, I get the correct numbers - but somehow whoever created the HDC files managed to get the card and file numbers to match.  How is this even possible?


Will there be an Errata? At least the HD files should be corrected...


At first I wondered if the Original File had been made with 5e rules; but I can't duplicate the Dex issue - a 5e character with Dex 23 would cost 39 points...


Now I have to go through and verify all the cards... OCD is a pain...


The Dex cost in the Dextrous! file costs 4 points per dex above 20; hence the cost of 32 - has Characteristic Maxima been enabled somewhere?


Ok - All of the HDC Character files have Characteristic Maxima in effect; not sure where this is happening, so how do we easily correct this?


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