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In the city council election, Jay Waters wins new term.  After a close race which required a recount, the city manager has certified the results in a win by 23 votes.


Jay Waters - Incumbent, Democrat

     On completing his first term as councilman, Jay Waters is running on a platform of raising the minimum wage in Babylon City, increasing affordable housing, increasing premium costs on local super damage insurance, and the required licensing of local supers.

     "The amount of damage to the city properties when supers engage in battle is producing a huge drain on city resources. While I appreciate the efforts of these heroes to save people and prevent crime, the amount of damage and clean up costs are appalling.  By increasing the cost of property damage coverage for acts of paranormal violence and by requiring supers to go through licensing and permits, we can reduce the damage to our city through training and accountability and sustain a healthy city budget."


In case readers are wondering, there wasn't any votes from people so I just mirrored actual elections. :P

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