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John Desmarais

Durham, NC vicinity

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Good to hear from you again!


The MHI table you and I were at in Durham earlier this year had at least one Durham local, plus me driving from Raleigh, and others in the Raleigh area.


I might suggest posting both here and in the Facebook Hero group, as it's not 100pct crossover between the two, and once you change your FB home City to Durham, when you look at the FB Hero Group's members list, it shows you members who have something in common with you, including living in the same city as you.


Additionally, of course you would post there too, seeking a local Hero/gaming group.


Another useful FB group, and Meetup group, would be the ones for Atomic Empire, which is the major game store in the area.


Posting in both of those groups that you are Looking For Group would likely generate some contacts as well.


PM me once you're out here and perhaps we can double-team finding local Hero groups!

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I’ve joined a couple Meetups in preparation.  Exact move date isn’t set yet.  It will be a gradual move culminating sometime this summer.  (Btw, in addition to being a long time Hero junkie, I’ve also recently become enamored with Call of Cthulhu).

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Glad to hear it!


What city are you in/what game store is close to you?


John is probably closest to Atomic Empire, and I'm closest to Game Theory.




Squirrel, looks like you're also active on Discord/CapNet RPG Hub/Hero? (Saw a post there today from ScrewySquirrel)


Hero Games really needs their own Discord, linked from here and elsewhere.



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