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Statler's Emporium


Statler's Emporium was created by Charles Statler in 1943.  The Emporium has always purchased high end products for the high end consumer and has been notoriously profitable since its inception.  The current location in Babylon City's Elysium is no coincidence as the shop has moved several times in its life, always to where the extremely wealth live. 


A note on the products of the Emporium.  The products are just bejeweled to make them more expensive, they are cutting edge pieces of equipment.  For example, other "cheaper" place may make a high end computer with fancy lights and a gold plated shell.  The Emporium sells a computer at the low end of it cost sheet that could run the NYSE in the size of a laptop.  They don't sell guns, they sell personal high yield defensive weapons like the fully automatic .50 caliber anti-material hunting rifle with ultra high effect flash and sound suppression and a 16 round magazine.

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Fresh Hair


The beauty salon is run by the fabulous Anastassia Epstein or "Ana".  Her salon has 4 stations and is constantly busy, though she reserves time for truly pathetic cases.  Her ability to restyle and re-imagine hair to its best effect is only half the reason people, both men and women, come to Ana's.  While performing her hair miracles, Ana talks to her customers and appears to be able to draw out whatever is bothering them and relieving them of some of the burden of their problems.  Some have likened Ana's with a therapy appointment only more productive and it comes with a free hair cut.  The costs for the salon appointment per hour is about the same or higher, though no one complains after the appointment.

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