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Die Hard - a Dark Champions Christmas movie


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It would make a terrific game, but unfortunately nearly everyone knows the plot so you can't really run it as is.  All the twists and surprises are spoiled.  Of course you'd need more bad guys to deal with more good guys, but it would make a nice intro scenario: the reporter might not be such a jackass, maybe one of the FBI guys survives and is a good guy, the cop working on the outside might help clear the basement, even the limo driver could be a PC.

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This would make a good Con game, I think. Maybe the PCs are all security guards on another floor, called in at the last second, bummed to be working on Christmas eve, drinking in a half-finished break room on one of the floors under construction. Crazy shit starts to happen... just throw in another set of euro-trash bad guys and be prepared for all kinds of attempts to derail things from the events of the movie. In fact, that is the point... once stuff starts going down, how do things go differently? 

Make sure none of the PCs have names... just Security Guard 1, Security Guard 2, etc. Minimal skills, just enough to get themselves killed if they get too out of hand, but maybe enough to actually be heroes if they get lucky. 


Hell, this would be a blast. I'll have to work on this. I think it would take having a clear "Plot" mechanic, where the GM had clear resources for throwing "And then THIS happens!" that railroad events, but those resources run out and the PCs can begin to change things.


Also, at a CON, likely to get some younger players, who will likely be familiar with the movie, but unlikely to have worshiped at the alter of Die Hard for thirty years, like most of us, here.


Hmmm... this could be a thing.


Edit: oh... the more I think about this... each Security Guard has a major Complication...

1. "I'm retiring next month!"

2. "My wife is pregnant and about to have our first kid, and I'm stuck here!"

3. "My boyfriend, who works the front desk night shift, got me this job."

4. "I'm dating this real hotshot on the 30th floor. He's my white knight!" 

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That reminds me of a throw away gag from a different movie or tv show, but curse my aging memory I can't recall the source. Anyway, one guy is pitching a show idea to another and says "It'll be like Die Hard, but in a skyscraper and its Christmas.". The other guy was like, "...so basically Die Hard then...".

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I actually ran a Die Hard themed session, in Shadowrun, but with a twist.


The PC's were hired by a Mr. Johnson type to take control of a competing megacorps HQ during a New Years Eve party, control the civilians, coerce the CEO into opening a vault containing some McGuffin. Midway thru, an unexpected guest not on the attendees list who turned out to be a bad ass runner who was visiting his estranged wife at the party starts causing problems. Then a security team showed up outside and started working with that guy to cause further problems.


This was just a few years after the movie came out, but it took my players a surprisingly long time before one of them realized "hey, this is kinda like Die Hard".



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