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Am I misremembering?

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"Could you describe the origin a bit more? "The Elric books" covers a lot of territory."

Sure! As I remember the origin was a girl seeing a fight between the Lords of Order and the Gods of Chaos. It was all so cliched and ridiculous that she laughed at them. They judged her, found her too realistic and complex, and transformed her into an amorphous energy being.

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Found her! She's in the adventure, Day of the Destroyer, by Scott Bennie, for Champions Fourth Edition. A member of the Villains International team, her write-up is on the very last page.


    "Fiona Millikan was visiting her cousin Katie in the Australian Outback when suddenly alien mutant sorcerers from another dimension landed and had a big battle. Earthshaking forces were unleashed, as the heroic outcast mutants fought a virtually omnipotent entity. Finally, after much angst, the heroes summoned the Cosmic Balance of Good and Evil and defeated the omnipotent entity, after rejecting the dark sides of their own personality.

     Yet for some strange reason, Fiona couldn't stop laughing. Even though the Outback had been transformed into something from Dante's Inferno, being thrown into a bad comic book with atrocious dialogue (as it seemed to her) was -- comical?

     Realizing It was being mocked, the Cosmic Balance of Good and Evil tried to judge her. But then it realized that while Fiona wasn't exactly a nice person, she wasn't exactly a nasty one either. Deciding that it had come across someone with depth to their character, the Cosmic Balance exploded, and it was all a dream...

     Except that dreams don't transform people into The Shape."

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Mockery of Elric by way of 1980s-90s X-Men, I think -- "heroic outcast alien mutant sorcerers from another dimension." "after much angst," etc. The Cosmic Balance is from Michael Moorcock's "Eternal Champion" books, but I suspect Marvel's Living Tribunal was an homage to it. And X-Men writer Chris Claremot loved that sort of pseudo-mystical claptrap. The Shape's origin story is an excellent bit of parody, and another example of why Scott Bennie is my favorite Champions author.


Dean Shomshak

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