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[4th Edition] Hero Plus publications?

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Does anyone have a list of the Hero Plus publications that were released during the 4th edition era? Archive.org has failed me for the most part, giving me only a partial list due to the javascript used on the website during that time.


HP001 Acrobat Reader® (free; cost is for disks) $5.00
HP002 The Ultimate Super Mage (3-disks) $20.00
HP002p The Ultimate Super Mage (3-hole paper, unbound) $40.00
HP003 An Eye For An Eye (1-disk) (Dark Champions) $10.00
HP003 An Eye For An Eye (3-hole paper, unbound) $20.00
HP004 The Ultimate Mentalist (2-disks) $15.00
HP004p The Ultimate Mentalist (3-hole paper, unbound) $30.00
HP005 The Ultimate Martial Artist (2-disks) $15.00
HP005p The Ultimate Martial Artist (3-hole paper, unbound) $35.00
HP006 Classic Enemies (1-disk) (Champions) $10.00
HP006p Classic Enemies (3-hole paper, unbound) $20.00
HP007 Widows & Orphans (1-disk) (Dark Champions Sourcebook)  $10.00
HP007p Widows & Orphans (3-hole paper, unbound) $20.00
HP008 Bright Future (2-disks) (Science Fiction Campaign Book) $15.00
HP008p Bright Future (3-hole paper, unbound) $30.00


HP014 New Bedlam Asylum

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Derek Hiemforth compiled this list of all Hero System publications, under all regimes, through 2008. All the electronic books for 4E should be on it, and are noted as such.

HERO System Products List.htm


Note that most of them are now available from this website's store: https://www.herogames.com/forums/store/category/33-hero-system-4th-edition/

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