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Noah's Ark: The January 2019 Superdraft

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"What's in Minnesota?" asked Deidre.


"It's what is not in Minnesota. It's not infested with BATS!" answered Delia. "We need to lay low for a while."


"Hawaii isn't infested with bats either. So I ask again, what's in Minnesota?"


"Only the world's largest twins convention. It should be chaos squared."


"Ooh, you have my attention!"


So much for laying low.

* * * * * * * * *


Villain pick: The Fabulous Dee Dee Twins!



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Okay I think I finally have an idea for this.  Here are my picks for this week


Title: In the Shadows of the City


Location 1: New York City




Location 2: The Tri-State Region (NY, NJ, CT)


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Obviously, I should have waited on the Dee Dees, rookie mistake. So, on to Plan B Plan C.


* * * * * *

"What's in Minnesota?"


"Quiet. And peace. It's very tranquil--"


"Are you looking to get punched?"


"Look, it's an opportunity to try something different, away from the usual chaos."


Hank frowned. "You are trying to get punched. Some of us like that chaos, the city feels natural."


"It's still in a city. Two, in fact. Minneapolis & St. Paul. And we got the invite because it's not boring. They could use a little balance."


"It's Minnesota. I don't want to live in Minnesota."


"You love the Vikings!"


"We're not even in preseason yet!"


"So season tickets will be easier to get. Just stay two months, I didn't obligate us past that."


There was a calming pause.


Don continued. "And if the Vikings do well, you may even want to stay longer."


"Do well? They don't even have walking QB this year! Fine, two months."

* * * * * * *

Hank and Don Hall, better known as Hawk & Dove!




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Okay, I think I've got everything updated. Let me know what's missing and/or muddled, as usual.


Great first week, everyone! I saw several pair-ups that I anticipated, and several that I'd forgotten about.  And I haven't seen at least two or three that I was fully expecting. Interesting.


Let's see what the coming week brings!

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