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Noah's Ark: The January 2019 Superdraft

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"Minnesota? Gee, I've always wanted to visit Minnesota!"


"That makes two of us. It should be a lot of fun, for us as twins and as heroes."


"Is two months long enough? I hope we will get a chance to play tourist."


"I'm sure we will, starting with the twins convention."


"Oh boy!"


* * * * * *


Next two for the TCT, Billy and Mary Batson, AKA Captain Marvel and Mary Marvel!



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"Mel! It's Clint. Hey I was wondering if you and Abe would be interested in working a new team!" Clint's smile could be heard on the line. 

"Oh hello, Clint." Melissa Gold's voice was the sort of tight that someone who'd been accidentally insulted turned and had he not suffered from hearing damage, Clint would have caught it.

"Are you two on a team right now?" Superheroics had a greater free agency period than any professional athletics association.

"No...Abe and I are currently...separate." 


"Did you just want us as a couple?" Melissa's curiosity was peaked, if in a vaguely relationship-prejudice way.

"Of course not, well that had been part of it. I wanted to create a team that was couple focused...to make it easier to stay sane."


"But we could use your skill and power, and Bobbi misses having you around."

"You're back together?" 

"Yeah, I'm working on my insecurities and she's working on her being too awesome for me."

"That sounds pretty healthy." Melissa snorted.

"It's getting better."

"Do you have a techie?" She asked after a moment to think.

"Scott Free. I thought Abe would love to play with some Apokalips tech."

"He would."  there was a pause. "Clint, we'll be there, where is it?"

"Los Angeles."

"I'll need some new beachwear."



Melissa Joan Gold - Songbird



Abner Jenkins - MACH.




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(With apologies to The Greatest Showman's "the other side')

"We're on an alien planet, but there's some high tech terrorist group with blaster rifles who seem as lost as we are, but are deciding to take over a chunk from Denver Colorado of yet another alternate Earth I got that right?" Huntress dodged a barrage of blasts duckng behind a Starbucks,


"Viper, they're calling themselves VIPER…" Black Canary let loose a scream toppling over one of the Green and yellow tanks.  "We need to find out who their leader is, get to him or her and take them down or the sheer numbers of this…"


One of the agents cried out in pain as a quarrel tore through his helmet. If he hadn't turned at the exact right moment it would have him him square through the eye, visor or not.

"Hey!" Black Canary cursed Helena had come so far, but it was obvious she was slipping into some nasty habits.

And she began to sing to her friend, unaware that somehow over the din of blasts and grenade explosions,, music was coming through

"Right here, right now

Let's spell the boundaries out

Lay sound ground rules down

I know you know you know this

You fight Besides me

Remember we're not just vigilantes

We've got higher standards, we're superheroes!"

"Are you, SINGING this lecture?" Huntress said and fired again, but at this this time she aimed for a hand.

Black Canary suddenly realized she was, but she wasn''t able to stop "So trade that broodiness, that killer moodiness, for something better!  And if kid gloves are crazy, well let's be a little crazy!

You play it killer grim, you just keep the whole world dim! Or you can try to stand taller and find…."

Black Canary sidekicked another agent before swinging around to clip another, and though it all she kept singing "Don't you, want to get away from the D&D brainless hack and slay?

Cause that's not what we need

If you want to make this grungy world shine?

We do not cross that line!

Cause you kill like you do, and spread more misery

Or you can rise above it all, hey it works look at me!

Stay in hate's cage or listen to me as  I hand you the key?

Oh, damn, suddenly better side flies!

Because you will not cross that line!"


Huntress dislocated an agent's arm and got ready to tell Black Canary to kiss off but instead

"Okay, my friend, you want to hem me in

Well I hate to tell you but we're at war here

So thanks, but no

I'll still do me you know

Because terrorists deserved methods beyond hand slapping!

Now I admire you, and this goody two shoe show you do!

I wish you good luck here, really good luck here!

But innocent people die on the streets, and that takes more than being sweet

I'll leave the kid gloves off to you!"


Black Canary flipped a foe into another a bit amused at the horrified look on Helena's face. Turn about was far play.

Huntress continued, "Don't you see that I'm okay with this bloody price I got to pay

Because I do what's needed and I am willing to pay karma's fine

Sometimes you have to cross that line!

So you do what you do

I'll do like me

Some dogs go rabid and deserve a vigilante!

Oh Damn, can't you see taking them entirely works fine!

So, I'll keep crossing that line!"


Black Canary started singing again,  her voice the stronger one in more ways than one,  "Is this really how you want to endanger your soul ? A blood thirsty killer her heart now a hole?"

Huntress hissed but only a moment as she rebutted, "If I took up your path,

We'd risk a revolving door. The system is broken, if it weren't so sad I would laugh!"

"But you're a teacher in your secret ID, not yet yet retired. You could protect and ALSO inspire

Just find the courage to dream and it'll

Wake you up and cure your aching

You can also build and not just bee breaking

Now that's a deal that seems worth taking

But I guess I'll leave that up to youuuuu"

Huntress wrinkled her nose, damn it, Dinah had a point. Helena had tried a better path. Was she really ready to abandon it because she thought it didn't work, or was it because she couldn't hack it? She replied to her fishneted friend.

"Well, you've got a point there but there are no absoultes here

Surely there are times when it might be even jjustified to you, dear!"

They each broke a different man's jaw

"Fair enough, I'd be a hypocrite to say I was never tempted

But you have to change your ways or you'll never give yourself redemption!" BC sang back

"You take care of your soul, God will take care of mine" Huntress fired a flare arrow.

"How about no killing unless an civillain's life is immediately on the line?" Canary suggested/sang

"Cops" Huntress reminded

Black Canary nodded at that "Fine"

"Friends.." Huntress also said, but whether she meant she' kill to save a  friend's life, or was telling Dinah she considered her one was lost in the last refrain they both shared!

As they did so they kicked ass in choreography that could only be described as brutally beautiful


"so, we'll try to enter every fray with awareness of our better angels being at play

Because the night needs more than more blood to make it kind

We'll try not to cross that line!!"


"So I'll try like you do," Huntress slammed a guy in the balls, his armor not enough to protect him fully.

"And I'll try to see" Black Canary screamed and sent a dozen over.

Together they sang "Looks like there's room on Code vs Killing that we can agree!"

"Oh Damn, Lady Justice isn't so blind!

If we try not to cross that line!"

Over twenty four agents were down, and the ladies bowed as if to an invisible crowd.

The music stopped.

"What the hell just happened to us?" Huntress said "Besides the usual code vs killing debate I mean?"

"I don't know," Black Canary said, "But I liked it."

"I hated it," Huntress glared around looking at someone to blame.

"Why, you were a bit flat on one of the high notes but other wise…" Dinah smirked.

"Bite me, Fishnets." Huntress huffed.

"Pick for me where and we'll inspire fanfiction," Dinah smirked.

"Sad but probably true" the two women went off to solve this mystery on this strange battle world.




I'm behind so picks are...

Black Canary (Dinah Lance)


Huntress (Helena Bertinelli version)


And as an option...







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<<translated from the German>>
"Are you sure about this?" he asked. It seemed farfetched.
"As sure as I can be at this time," she replied coolly. "Which is why we need to investigate."
"Why would father conceal Amadeus in America, especially in Minnesota?"
She shrugged. "It was effective enough to keep it concealed for thirty years. It's hard to argue with the results."
Project Amadeus was almost in their hands. Even they did not know the full details of the project, but their father had numerous caches of weapons and technology hidden all over the world so it was bound to be valuable to them.
"So," he said, "It seems we are to make our way to Minnesota."
* * * * * *
Second villain pairing, Andrea and Andreas von Strucker, the twins known as Fenris!



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16 hours ago, Pariah said:

Psst, Hermit! You need something to go with VIPER!

Ah. I misread something. Mmm

If I understand, for option picks where it's not specific individuals it can be unrelated..


the other option to go with VIPER is ...


Lazarus pits

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1 hour ago, Hermit said:

Ah. I misread something. Mmm

If I understand, for option picks where it's not specific individuals it can be unrelated..


the other option to go with VIPER is ...


Lazarus pits


That'll work. Thank you.

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I'm looking at my story as a mini-series with two story arcs. The first arc deals with a riot at the world's largest twin convention incited by the Dee Dee Twins called "Chaos Squared!" (Nana Harley would be so proud.) What could make such a thing even more chaotic? What about twin duplicators?? Next selection for the Twin City Titans, playing the part of tourist will be options Dupli-Kate and Multi-Paul!



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Some more villains. I  have no links but I have some art!


Hopefully this doesn't break a rule. Pariah let me know if I misstepped.


We have from 4th Edition Champions Universe:









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