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Noah's Ark: The January 2019 Superdraft

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22 hours ago, Bazza said:

Question: if our option pick is neither hero or villain does it still need to be in a pair or can it be a singular pick?


Pairs, please.

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Option: The Black Galaxy (Marvel)

Option: Celestials (Marvel). NB: The Destiny is a gestating Celestial. 


Title To Rebuild A Planet. 

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I anticipate updating things tomorrow morning, as it is a holiday here in the States.


Also, I'm withdrawing my picks from a couple of days ago. I have no story (nor even 12% of a story) to go with them. Feel free to use any of these characters as you see fit.



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Option 1a: 
Something Old (The Heart of the Universe)





Option 1b: 
Something New  (The Infinity Gauntlet)






Option 2a: 
Something Borrowed (An Ultimate Nullifier)





Option 2b: 
Something Blue (A Cosmic Cube)





Option 3a: White Lantern Rings





Option 3b: Star City 







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Okay, let’s try and make a cohesive story out of this.


Official title: ChAos SquArEd






Twin riots in the Twin Cities!

Minnesota isn’t known for a lot of supervillain activity, so the formation of a new branch of the Titans in the Twin Cities was as much an exercise in civic pride as it was crime-fighting. They were barely there a month when all hell broke loose.

The riots seemed to break out simultaneously. In Minneapolis, some members of the new Titans were attending a baseball game. Not just any game, the Twins needed a win against the hated Yankees here to make the postseason. Tensions were running high, fueled by plenty of expensive beer. When superstar closer Tom “Shazam!” Pyle beaned two consecutive batters in a tied ninth inning the stadium virtually exploded.

Tommy and Tuppence, aka the Terror Twins were in attendance, and they took sheer delight in making a dangerous scene into a deadly one. Fortunately for the bystanders, Billy Batson and his sister Mary were in attendance, too, and Captain Marvel and Mary Marvel appeared to get things under control. The Marvels were able to counter the Terror Twins while new teammates Hawk and Dove, worked to get the crowds under control.

They might have succeeded if the powers known as Fenris weren’t there, too. With no interest in baseball, the von Strucker twins were conducting business in a high-priced arena box because their contact was enamored of the game, and he insisted they meet there. The twins only took interest when the Marvels showed up and felt a sense of obligation to destroy them.

As this was happening, another riot was erupting in Saint Paul at the world’s largest twins convention, Twinfest. Unlike the baseball riot, this one wasn’t fueled by sports rivalry and alcohol. This one was fueled by fear gas. The Scarecrow, aka Jonathan Crane, always wanted to conduct a twins study, and when presented with the opportunity by the Dee Dee Twins, the time travelling descendants of Harley Quinn, he eagerly accepted. Jervis Tetch, aka The Mad Hatter came along because he’s nuts. (As the chaos began, he found the two biggest, meanest looking twins he could find and made them into his new Tweedledum & Tweedledee bodyguards.)

Twinfest was also being attended by two rather particular sets of twins, the new Titans known as Zan & Jayna, as well as Northstar & Aurora. The heroes worked to control the chaos, but there was no reasoning with gas inspired panic. Another set of super twins, who went by Multi-Paul and Dupli-Kate, were there too, although whether or not they were helping was open to debate. Dozens of fear addled duplicates certainly didn’t seem to help!





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Her Majesty Queen Hippolyta of Themiscyra
Requests the Honour of Your Presence
At the Marriage of Her Daughter
Her Royal Highness Princess Diana of Themiscyra
His Majesty King T'challa of Wakanda
Saturday, the 26th of January
Two Thousand Nineteen
at Five O'Clock in the Evening
Orchid Bay City Hall
Star City, Earth-One
Reception to Follow
We Request that Weapons and Artifacts Be Excluded from the Ceremony
Guest List
His Royal Highness Thor Odinson, Prince of Asgard
Her Royal Highness Koriand'r, Princess Starfire of Tamaran
His Majesty Arthur Curry, King of Atlantis
Her Majesty Maxima, Queen of Almerac
Darkseid, Lord of Apokolips
Thanos, Lord of Titan
Nebula, Heiress of Titan
His Imperial Majesty Teth-Adam, Pharaoh of Kahndaq
Her Majesty Lady Blaze, Queen of Purgatory
Death Tribble, Deadly Death Tribble of Death
The Favor of a Reply is Requested
__ We look forward to attending                          
__ We will attend in another time or dimension
__ Regrets                                                                 
Please initial guest entree preferences:
__ Steak   __ Chicken   __ Vegan   __ Pure Energy  __ Souls
Title: Red Wedding in Star City,
or Honeymoon in Latveria



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Okay, I've finally posted the promised updates. Please check over everything and make me aware of any necessary corrections, as usual.


My intention is to put up the poll sometime tomorrow afternoon. Please have any final posts and/or corrections posted by 5:00 EST tomorrow.



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Black Tom Cassidy comes up with an idea to warp reality by experimenting with Time Travel and altering television in the past. He can only affect a few programmes and has thus chosen The Tonight Show, CBS Evening News, the Love Boat and Fantasy Island. Captain Cold and Heatwave are drawn in after trying to steal a Boom Tube.

The Heroes are drawn in to stop him after receiving tickets to be part of a TV audience.


The title is 'TV or not TV: That is the Answer'

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1 hour ago, death tribble said:

Two of my choices are missing.

The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite


Last choices are a Boom Tube and Aladdin's Lamp


Thanks. Updated.

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In the Shadows of the City




It was raining in New York the morning they found the body in the Hudson River. Altogether a fitting time to find a dead body all things considered. Dark and brooding. In fact if it hadn't been for the bright yellow of his clothing they might never have seen the corpse floating down river. In a few more hours it would have been washed out to sea to eventually sink into the muck at the bottom.


A quiet enough resting place at least.


But that hadn't happened. Instead the harbor patrol had pulled the corpse from the waters. It's condition was the first shock. There was no head, it had been severed from the body with an extremely sharp blade. Multiple claw marks, slices from swords or knives, and bullet wounds had turned the body into something that was only barely human. There were acid marks and evidence of blunt force trauma as well. Even the strongest stomachs could barely stand more than a few minutes with the mangled remains of the body. Who it was, was the second shock.


It hit the papers in the afternoon edition. The Bugle was plastered with a huge new headline:


"Mutant Vigilante Found Dead In River"

"Killer still at large"


So now the hunt was on for whoever had somehow managed to kill the unkillable mutant, vigilante, and superhero that the world knew as Wolverine.

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All I need is a title. I am going with the Battle of Grayskull.

The basic plot for this is Skeletor wants Castle Grayskull. He and his troops can't get pass the Sorceress and her primary defender He-Man. He puts a call in to Hordak to try to arrange some kind of distraction. They are both called by Stampede who has heard of Grayskull but can't get to it from where he is and offers his primary agent Tex Hex to help out.


So the three villains come up with a way to attack Eternia from Hordak's Fright Zone. She Ra tries to intervene. He Man and She Ra are sent to Earth. The Sorceress is left facing Skeletor, Hordak, and Tex Hex by herself.


On Earth, He-Man and She Ra attract enough attention that several heroes gather around them, but it is Hiro Hamada and Hank Pym who realize they can use the teleporter from Krei Industries to get to Eternia and save the day. They enlist Abigail Callahn as their pilot and cross the border to save the day.


The Sorceress returns the ad hoc team back to Earth at the end of the adventure


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