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Flying Dodge to enter Combat


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7 hours ago, rjcurrie said:


Yup. Flying Dodge was introduced in UMA 4th. It was not in Ninja Hero 4th.


13 hours ago, Ninja-Bear said:

Duke Flying Dodge has been around at least since 5th and I’m almost sure that it was in UMA 4th though that I could be wrong on.



My thanks to the both of you.  :)


I don't (yet) have UMA for 4th, only Ninja HERO (because everything turns into it, eventually).  I wasn't about in time to hear about the 4e Bundle of Holding, so I'm having to acquire the PDFs for books I don't have from the HERO store.  I don't want to buy them too rapidly, simply because experience has taught me that I will stop working on my scanning project (which is important to me) to read my new book. :lol:


So I'll have to make sure UMA4e ends up on my "to do" list, just not real fast.


And as for 5e-- well, I knew when I first starting reading that thing I wasn't going to change over to it.  I did adapt a bit from it here and there, though: it is far more useful to me than is 6e.  But as neither me nor my players are much in love with the way HERO does martial arts, I just sort of skimmed through everything related to it.


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The original chokehold is even pointed out in Aaron Allston’s errata for Ninja Hero that it should have had an additional -2 DCV to make it cost correctly with the custom maneuver system. He acknowledged that since the current form was accepted in UMA at the time,  then it is “legal” in his opinion.

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Let's be completely honest:


By strictest definition, "martial arts" is the "art" of combat or art of regimented military tactics.  Taken more loosely, a martial artist is someone who has spent a great deal of time learning and practicing the techniques associated with a particular fighting method-- usually, but not always, a form of hand-to-hand combat.  So really, it's open for anything from a skilled boxer to some sort of alienese sword fighting to what we typically think of: asian fisticuffs.  Or Footsticuffs.  Of whatever.


In HERO terms, it's "here's some combos you can use in HTH combat.  Some are sketchier than others."



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11 hours ago, Ninja-Bear said:

Funny thing is, I just looked in my books and Flying Dodge as built is illegal. Under helpful elements, it states that the maximum DCV bonus is +3! Hmmm sounds to me like this has become like Chokehold. 


It's built with the Dodge base. The limits for DCV are different from the other maneuver bases. (HSMA 96)

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