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Enhanced Perception (One Sense Group) adding to Detects using different Senses

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I'm using build 20190104, standard Hero System 6th Edition rules.


I buy two levels of Enhanced Perception (Touch Group) and then buy two Detects: one using Hearing Group and another using no Sense Group.


The Enhanced Perception is adding its bonuses to both Detects, and I'm not sure why it would be adding bonuses to Sense Groups other than the one I set it for.


If I change the Enhanced Perception to affect Sight Group instead or even just Normal Sight, it still adds to the two Detects.

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The EP is adding its bonuses in the secondary roll value (not the primary). It's doing this because the Detect is bound to the Characters PER roll.  The PER roll for the character will only take EP with all Sense Groups into account for the primary roll, but has been using all EPs regardless of Sense Group for the secondary, due to the number of options possible (you can purchase EP for the Sight Group but then add in other Sense Groups or individual Senses).  The secondary roll was meant to show the max possible.


That said, I'm removing that behavior.  Only Enhanced Perception purchased for all Sense Groups will add to the PER roll (and be reflected in the rolls for any Detects). Limited EP purchases will not be automatically added in, even if they match the sense group of the Detect.

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