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Objects as "characters"?

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I wonder if anyone here has tried to build an object (walls, floors, computer banks, bank vaults, etc) as a character in HD? I understand that walls would be difficult since you would need to make a separate record for each location but it would be an interesting experiment. You could then include the elements of the environment into a Combat Record and have that available as a target in the Combat Manager. Since an object wouldn't have a SPD, it wouldn't come up in the combat order. All you would need to add is PD and ED with any applicable rDef or Power Defense. You could eve add Powers like force fields and such. Sure, the "character" would have the default characteristics of STR, SPD etc but those can be ignored. Is this a weird thing to do, I can't tell any more. 

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It's weird if you start naming them.


I'd like you to meet my floor, Flora, and my wall, Wally. Up there is Celia, my ceiling, and past her is Rufus, the roof. And of course here is my window, Wendy, and Dora, my door.


Lucius Alexander


And I'm sure you've met my palindromedary

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