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Back in the day, there was a site called Hero Central.  I've been experimenting with local file restores of certain campaigns on the site.


In short, if someone wants to read a campaign they were in, I can pass them zips of specific campaigns from Hero Central.  They require are offline files, they are JavaScript (so a reasonable browser and computer, not a phone), and at this point I'm trying to keep the list I give out small.


That being said, if you know a campaign you were a part of, tell me, and I'll pass along the files for it.


This is still in the alpha stage so there may be lots of bugs or debugging to get threads to work. 


I have no plans to upload them to the general internet, and for the sake of people's general privacy I request that you do not post them publicly either.  In other words...


1)  The files will not be hosted online.  Please do not upload them to the general internet either, please.

2)  This fix requires javascript.  This means you'll want a computer browser, not a phone, to read these.  Later I may make flat files. 

3)  The javascript is clunky.  I can't guarantee it'll work.  This javascript is used to let me completely rewrite the templates later, and to standardize loading schemes.

4)  Files on the site are not included.  This includes character sheets, images, avatars, attachments.  I don't have any of those, sorry.

5)  I haven't included thread visibility rules.  Because anyone could lurk the site in general, anything meant to be "in private" on a thread was not actually private.  My apologies if your expectations were as such but I never designed the site.

6)  I removed most user's information before distribution.

7) I haven't 'interpreted' the [action]/etc forum blocks.  I will later release updates to the templates that may resolve this.

8 )  There -shouldn't- be dangerous HTML, but right now HTML is rendering.  I may decide to filter this out if I feel there is a safety issue.  I don't recall malware ever being on the site.  I can't guarantee safety however...

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18 hours ago, TrickstaPriest said:

I've managed to resolve some JavaScript issues, and now the games build with a static and dynamic version of the posts.  I also created post lists for both formats.  If the dynamic file list doesn't work, the dynamic posts won't... so it works out pretty well!  :)



Thank you for your fine work. 

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I've finished up what I hope is the serviceable version.  If there was a game you were in on Hero Central, you can now message me and I'll send you formatted threads!  I have no idea how you'd watch them on a phone, but any computer with a browser should handle it.

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