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Technomancy Complete

Duke Bushido

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Just stumbled across this in the store.


And I'm something of a sucker for technomancy, as it plays into-- well, I suppose we all have it: that one campaign we've always wanted to build, but never had the time, or resources, or player interest, or extensive-enough knowledge---- it doesn't really matter the reason: for GM's with a particular longing, it's that one campaign that "got away," as it were.


But never mind all that.  My question is about it's actual existence: there is no image, no blurb, etc--


is there actually a product there, or not?  I'd really love to read it, but I've already paid for a PDF I can't download without shelling out another ten bucks for Dropbucket or whatever the hack that's called.  I'm not exactly a skinflint, but everyone yells at the Coke machine when it takes fifty cents from you, you know what I mean?  



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