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The Turakian Age is Seriously Underrated

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Sorry to derail...


My group has use the TTS for our hero campaign twice now and its worked pretty well. There have been some bugs (which I've told Brennall about) that have been frustrating, but that's mostly because we want to use ALL THE TOOLS!!! As a way of just playing as a vtt it works well. But the combat tracker and loading character sheets has been so cool and helpful.


My players, who are all HERO newbies (though we've been playing for about 6 months) and mostly have shown little interest in picking up HERO are much more interested now that we are using TTS. I don't know why though.

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On 1/18/2019 at 2:07 PM, sentry0 said:

I love the setting and was curious if there's anyone else on these boards who do too?


Steve did and amazing job with the book and I think it deserves more supplements.  Although the base book is very detailed in terms of races, geography, theology, etc, I think there's tons of room to expand on.  The setting has such good bones that it feels criminal to not expand on it.


Also, an update to 6th edition would be fantastic although strictly not necessary.


Late to the party but... absolutely.
Just (today) uploaded a Ambrethel world map in colour that might interest folk.

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