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Skill Highlighted in Blue & target number won't increase

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So I have designed a character in Hero Designer, Superhero Genre and ran into this weird issue I have never seen before.

I picked these two particular skills: Streetwise and Shadowing and bumped them up one level.
I.E.  20 INT gives the 2 skills a base target number of 13-, bumping them up one should give them a target number of 14-

But after clicking OK, the Skill is now highlighted in blue and the target number shows 13-.  No matter how many points I put in, it never increases (on the character sheet) past 13- but when you open the skill to modify it, it shows the target number you picked (It shows 14- when I open the skill to modify it).


It only does it with these 2 skills and I am at a loss as to the why.

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Blue text indicates you have manually edited the skill description.  It will no longer automatically update so as to not erase your manual edit. 

To restore it to default, whatever the program suggests the text should be, clear the description field. 


I will also note that this is in the manual. 

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Thanks Gnome.

I didn't manually edit the skill description, that I know of... may have clicked too many a thing at that time.


I did find a simple fix though... I deleted the skill and re-added it and it doesn't show the blue highlight anymore.

Mind you, I do feel silly that I didn't think of deleting the skill earlier... I will blame the cold I have.


But still, thanks for the assist, it at least got me to look at the issue from another angle.


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