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Early editions: House rules?

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4 hours ago, rravenwood said:

My recollection is that essentially nothing in Champs II was incorporated into 3rd edition.  Is my memory that bad? :blink::)  3rd did incorporate a couple clarifications first presented in Champs III, but otherwise largely ignored the material in that book too.


This is correct.  


20 minutes ago, Duke Bushido said:

I'll have to double-check, but I don't think vehicles as presented made it into 3e.


They didn't.  I think they were first, second, and third editions of the core rulebook only.  There weren't any Powers in 3e that weren't in 2e; I do know that there were more changes between 1e and 2e than 2e and 3e.  


23 minutes ago, Duke Bushido said:

Being completely up-front with you:  Chris Goodwin is better at this sort of thing that I am in an off-the-top-of-the-head kind of way; I have to look up everything every damned time-- unless it's in the 2e rules book proper, of course.




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To me the decreasing returns were what made the Disadvantages worthwhile.  You have a reason to not always hit the campaign maximum, and in fact the "maximum" in those days was usually a range.  

Self-Inflicted Damage: This is a rule I adapted from the original (pre-4th Ed.) HERO sourcebook, The Golden Age of Champions. As it stands now the HERO rules make no provision for someone striking a h

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  The gaming group I played in was part of a college so it had around forty members, most of whom had Champions characters in the same shared universe. 
  To encourage longtime players not to just keep running the same old characters because nobody wanted to start from scratch they set up the house rule that you could “crash” a character, permanently retiring them and take half of the accrued EP’s to jumpstart a new character.
   This way the universe had a kind of Justice Society built in.  Former heroes who were extremely powerful but who were now retired, who sometimes interact with or train emerging heroes. A nice set of NPC’s to use as background as long as you cleared it with the previous player.

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1 hour ago, Duke Bushido said:

I'm glad you said that.


After the reactions I got some time back when I mentioned retiring characters or letting them "go out in a blaze of glory," I really got the impression that we were unique in that.

My group's always felt that punishing somebody for switching characters was silly. 

- If it's a voluntary change, they're either changing to make themselves have more fun or to make somebody else have more fun.  Having more fun should be encouraged, not punished. 

- If it's a character death, they're already suffering from suddenly losing the character they've been playing for the last however long.  Don't force them to play a weaker character on top of that, they'll just wind up having even less fun. 

- If it's a heroic sacrifice, why in the world are you punishing people for heroic sacrifices? 

We're not an early edition HERO group, but we've always given XP to players, not characters. 

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