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Need help creating a character . . .


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The 1st RPG game I ever played was Champions (4e I believe) over 20 years ago and after a few sessions was never able to play it again until now (played many other games along the way). I have always been fascinated by the fact that the system allows for anything your imagination can cook up. After two decades w/o being able to play the game I have finally found a group willing to play the game.


Anywho, I have an idea/concept for a character I want to do, but I really have no idea how to properly create it; I can grasp how to do a few things, but I am nowhere close to an efficient build as i know its probably possible. I even bought the character creator and the combat tracker software and I am not making much headway. I really don't have the time to sit down and try to read, study, and decipher the Champions Complete book (also have the book). So I was thinking maybe you aficionados of the game might be more than willing to lend me your help and suggestions.


P.S. if you use a billion of the abbreviations apparently used I completely understand and won't complain, just know I won't be able to make heads or tails of them. I apologize in advance if this is being pushy for someone who is asking for help.


Character Concept/Idea:


A human looking alien gadgeteer always dressed in a black suit (tie and accented glowy parts of his eyes and mouth varies in color), thus he is known only as Mr. Suit. His head and hands and forearms were damaged in such way that completely replacing them for bionic ones were they only way to save him. The technology that saved him was space age nanotechnology (did I mention he was an alien?). He is a technopath that can manipulate, control, and rearrange the nanotech that composes his suit (No telepathy or mind blast powers; not that kind of psychic).


Some Background Info (we get 400 points total to create):


So you can get a feel of what I am trying to build. As a person he should have a nice list of skills at his disposal (a few perks too?). His style is a mix of charm, negotiator, and rogue. He comes from a society akin to how the hutts run their corner of space, but unlike his family he decided to go the opposite way, becoming a pariah to his family. Almost dying at the hands of an assassin's bomb sent by a rival family made him turn a new leaf. Not quite a typical hero (think chaotic evil) he doesn't try or need to kill or maim the bad guys, he just has no problem with it if he has too; after all that's how they were dealt with in his corner of space.


As to Powers:


I am thinking a variable point pool or a multiform.


A) Main Defense: he can rearrange his suit into protective armor.


B) Main offense: he prefers ranged attacks and only does melee when forced to. always has a gun hidden in his suit. he can rearrange it and shift it into a shotgun, rifle, LAW, or a blade weapon. when it shifts it works differently (different powers; killing attack, AoE, etc.)


C) Main Non-Combat Travel: creates a motorcycle for his noncombat movement. not considering it have weapons (maybe something like leap to make impressive riding stunts or somesuch), its just for travel or escape. On the other end of the spectrum it could instead shift and become his heavy power armor to combat metas, but this is a cool afterthought, not what am shooting for. Travel:


D) Main Combat Travel: considering since its a variable point pool or multiform enhancing his running and making a gadget that gives him flight, but is not carried around w/ him at all times.


Complications (what I can think of so far):


a) Distinguishing Features: His entire head, neck, and forearms/hands are mechanical. I take it can be concealed and/or disguised, but he only does so if he gets the skill and needs to infiltrate for some reason.


b) Hunted: by the rival family that ordered the hit that changed his life forever.


c) has no sense of taste and lives off of nutritional shakes that provide all the nutrients he needs and makes him full, but he doesn't care what they taste because he can't taste them.


d) Watched by PRIMUS (this is who the characters will be working for)


e) subject to orders by PRIMUS (if I could find a way to not have this one thru buying a perk of some sort like galactic diplomatic immunity it would be nice).



I appreciate any and all assistance, I welcome any ideas and suggestions, and I thank you in advance. Have a wonderful week and an even better gaming night!

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I would start with multpower rather then variable point pool for the sake of the other players, changing a power is like building a new power and that can take time away from the game.  Thou a 5-10 point VPP (variable point pool) may be some thing you could use on top of a multpower framework.  The 'suit' can be something like


Suit: Resistant Protection (X PD/X ED/X Power Defense), Allocatable (+1/4) Perceivable (-1/4*), Only In Alternate Identity (-1/4)

Perceivable: if the suit has the armor up people can see the armor, right? Only In Alternate Identity rather then focus because it should not be ez to take away thou it can be if they work at it just.

Set the total of the PD/ED/Power Def level and do the math to build it.


Weapon: a multpower focus with a number of fixed slots

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I will read up on it, but it sounds like a simple and elegant solution to the armor. Thank you!


1 down a few more to go...


Is there a way to link this topic in other parts of the forum so it can have more eyes on it and thus have more suggestions or would it need to be re-posted elsewhere?

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Ok, after much debate and playing around w/ ideas and points, advantages, complications, etc. here's what I ended up with. Played tested it as we began our new campaign and so far I had a blast w/ it. There's some room still to tweak.


The brain implant is something we agreed on having for each character that allows us to download temporary (skills only) knowledge into our brains relevant to our mission in order to be able to travel from dimension (each w/ its own tech/magic/monsters/ etc.). Example: if we go into a medieval setting I would download the skill how to ride a horse, if it was a futuristic setting I would download how to use an energy weapon, just to give a quick example.


I thank everyone that contributed and helped out! Also, any extra ideas/suggestions are most welcome!




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4 awesome sessions after he began as a martial artist he has finally been able to rid himself of the curse (Unluck 2d6) of the black paladin's sword, during which time he spent half his time getting his brains bashed in (he kept getting 1-shotted to unconsciousness by the same villain) and constantly tripping over own feet mid-maneuver, his sanity has begun to waver. It seems the effects of battle and the taint of evil from the curse have irrevocably altered him forever.

1st off he needs some STUN or he will keep getting KOed at every turn (very frustrating).
2nd I would like to give him at least 1 ranged power of some sort and I was thinking maybe since he's a martial artist a "haduken" might fit; maybe even a negative chi "haduken" due to the taint of evil might be better.
3rd he will now be known as the Grinning Fool as he will always have a very disturbing grin plastered on his face and he tends to mumble to himself almost inaudibly as well as giggle and have loud bursts of maniacal laughter. His body language will also be all sort of creepy and unusual.
4th now he has a mysterious shadow creature follow him that can be spotted randomly throughout the adventure.


I will be using the curse as a plot point to develop abilities and powers as well as complications; I am open to suggestions. I will be also taking out a few skills to have some extra points back for some changes.

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