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Major Viper episode for campaign coming

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Currently, the campaign I'm in is fighting the Viper organization (Sourcebook #425) who's Supreme Serpent is a computer, although I have the Prime Serpent as the Supreme Serpent. My episode in the works is to have the Supreme Serpent & Prime Serpent go down - permanently. Viper will be dealt more than one severe blow: not only will they lose their Supreme Serpent but the computer system they're so proud of between nests has something of a doomsday bug in it. Before Viper was ever a book or anything more than a name, I created a hero who's origin was with Viper. He planted a bug in the system only he was aware of. It's part of the very most essential part of the system so it's laid there dormant. Now, after 38 actual years of Champions, this part of my hero's origin will come full circle. His powers come from Viper experimentation: the type of experimentation where many villains got powers, and then promptly left Viper and ran for the hills. Villains, whose origin involves Viper, will either make cameos, or actually be involved with the wounding of Viper. As for that dormant computer bug, it will ultimately become a doomsday bug for Viper's many computer systems. Alot of people associated with Viper will become known to the authorities, such as the Duchess, and will be removed.


Viper knows our heroes are up to something & already tried to make their move against our most experienced and widely-known supergroup: they pulled out their U-1000 Omega Destruction Module and blasted the base. After the smoke cleared from the blast, they'd almost taken down the front door although all the front windows were blown in. :)  Viper agents just stood there in disbelief. The heroes retaliated... afterwards, not a single agent was conscious and no tank or aircraft was in one piece. It's time to deal with Viper!


(Side note: this one of the reasons we stat out hero bases so the players have something to show for their point investments.)


At this point in the campaign, Viper will take on (most likely) the form of the Viper book: Coils of the Serpent.


This most likely will be more than one episode. There's alot going on in this episode so it'll take time. That and real-life is really being real right about now.

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Not just the leaders, the entire structure of Viper (a consideration at this point).  However, this will have to probably wait til later in the year to pull this off.

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