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Funny Pics II: The Revenge

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1 hour ago, Cancer said:


Make me want to go to Costco and show the pallet of peppercorns to someone from the 13th Century.


I played this game on a forum one time.


1) You are going to time travel back to the past at some point between twenty years ago and 4000 years ago.


2) You are going to land someplace at random on the globe. If you would land in the water, you instead land on a coast or "arguably large" habitable island.


3) You have four months to prepare yourself and an unlimited budget for preparation. And I do mean completely unlimited (other than that you couldn't, for example, hire all the experts in one field so as to deprive other players of their services. You have money to prepare, not to interfere with other players). Train, learn, relax, spy, vacation, assassinate, worship: whatever you think best to do with your time.


4) You can take 15 pounds of items with you including the weight of your clothes. Necessary medical implants don't count against the weight limit but unnecessary implants and swallowed items do count (aka no cheating the weight limit).


5) Assume the time travel process heals you of any chronic illnesses for which you normally have to take medicines. So as you go back in time you heal (mainly so we don't have players keeling over dead a couple of days after arriving or having to take 15 pounds of pills with them).



I then randomly determined the year and the place on the globe. (I only had forumites play the game once because I found it to be a pain in the butt to randomly determine longitude and latitude.)


Then we compared the preparations each person took, the list of items each person chose to take,  and how well the preparations and items suited the environment and situation the player found himself. As GM, I gathered together an overview of the time, place, and situation in which each person found himself (though you as GM could make that the responsibility of each player to describe that part).


The most clever person, I thought was the guy who took the spice saffron. If I remember correctly, he ended up somewhere in northern China during a time that the land was divided in turmoil and at least a couple of centuries before the Mongols invaded.


He made out like a bandit.

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33 minutes ago, Duke Bushido said:

"You're the Duke!  Number one!  You're the Duke. "


I believe I mentioned the two roommates that work here who pooled their "stimulits checks" and bought twenty-four hundred dollars worth of scratchers....   😕



On the bright side, they can take their winnings and buy $27 dollars worth of scratchers.

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1 hour ago, archer said:


On the bright side, they can take their winnings and buy $27 dollars worth of scratchers.


Pretty much how it went down.  Every winner, they cashed in for more tickets, since they  "just knew" they were going to find something ridiculous, like a ten grand winner or something.





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