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Funny Pics II: The Revenge

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Knew a guy who claimed to make money on scratchers. He was a clerk in a convenience store.


People would buy scratchers then scratch them off in front of him.


Scratcher winners weren't randomly placed. If they were, you could have stores where there was never a winner at any level or there could be tens of thousands of scratchers between winners. That's bad for selling scratchers. What the state did to fix the problems of true randomness was to place winning tickets in semi-randomly to make sure that at least every so often there was a winning ticket so customers would be encouraged to keep buying scratchers.


So he'd watch people do scratch offs and if there was a losing streak, as soon as the customer left the store, he would buy tickets one at a time until he hit a winner.


He claimed to come out way ahead but I didn't know him well enough to stand there and watch him use his system. Also I was pretty sure his system was illegal so I didn't want to observe it close up.

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