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Funny Pics II: The Revenge

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Mistranslation woes are many and can be quite humorous.  We used to have a thread or two where you ganged multiple translation bots' outputs and see how original English came back via multiple intermediate translations between other languages.


"The vodka is great but the meat is rotten" or something similar I recall as being a product of that for "The flesh is weak but the spirit is willing".

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GEEK ALERT ORANGE ... more than you want to know ...


Due to the damping wings, at "low" temperatures the D lines are a great way to estimate the gas pressure in the atmosphere.  And at high resolution, those frame a very quick eyeball check for metal deficiency.  There's a neutral nickel line halfway between the D lines.  For stars in the F-G-K spectral class range, the D lines vary in strength mostly due to atmosphere pressure, but they are strong in all but the most pathologically metal-deficient stars.  The nickel line between them is much more sensitive to composition, so if that line between the D lines is weak or absent, you've got a metal-poor star.  That's less important now with so many other ways of detecting such things with modern instrumentation.


The neutral sodium lines as an ensemble make a classical instructional exercise in curve-of-growth abundance analysis.  Can't use the D lines for that, but all the others (that aren't blended) in the visible window participate.


Also, Na clearly participates in a not-initially-obvious nuclear chain that's negligible for energy generation but shuffles sodium and neon into each other; something similar goes on between aluminum and the magnesium isotopes.  These make for odd hit-or-miss abundance features in globular cluster stars that were seen back in the early 1970s and greatly puzzling into the early years of the 21st Century.


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