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Funny Pics II: The Revenge


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The bottom left corner describes just about all of experimental particle physics for the last few decades.


Cut it down to 50 or so, and there's a few astronomy papers like that also.

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29 minutes ago, Old Man said:


Troodons were like smarter, less stabby velociraptors.  They were not exactly pets, but were fun to hang around with.


I don't even remember the name of my favorite dinosaur anymore. Apparently having people ask you about it is key to remembering it. You know, like the names of your kids.


It's the low-slung armored herbivore which has a tail with a large rocky knob at the end that it uses to whack the carnivores.


(That's my favorite dinosaur, not my kids.)

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17 minutes ago, death tribble said:

And the reason it is your favourite dinosaur is it was one of the first villains in the Champions Enemies book. It is Ankylosaur.


I remembered the A, the K and L (not in the right order), but not the N or Y.


My younger self would be ashamed.

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