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Funny Pics II: The Revenge

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39 minutes ago, Old Man said:

Oh, I think I saw that one.


I used to sometimes end Goldilocks with "and then the bears caught Goldilocks and ate her all up.  And she was just right."  Because really Goldilocks is not a shining example of moral character.


Goldilocks wasn't even a little girl until about 1912. That's when the first version depicting her as a child was published. Prior to that, the person who intruded on the house of the three bears was described as an old woman.


The reason they changed it was that old women usually don't have to be warned against entering an unoccupied house belonging to strangers, but children might.


Lucius Alexander


This palindromedary tagline is too sho

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1 hour ago, Sociotard said:

I think they're implying Snow White did more than housework for the dwarves. Which is gross.


Still no law against it I know of.


Lucius Alexander


This palindromedary tagline is obviously much more extensive than it needs to be; in short, this palindromedary tagline is too long!

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