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Funny Pics II: The Revenge

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7 minutes ago, archer said:

I use "I'll burn that bridge when I come to it" ironically to mean that I'll find some way to bull through that situation when it arises even if I have to burn everything to the ground to make it happen.


Wow, I didn't realize you were an expert in current American foreign policy!

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14 hours ago, Old Man said:

Exactly.  So to go back to the original point--the vast majority of my income goes to housing, transportation, and food.  Superman needs none of these things.  He probably doesn't even need to pay for sex.  So what use is money to him?


And what exactly is the average budget for sex?  Asking for a friend.

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8 hours ago, Old Man said:


And it's not like he came here legally.


One alternate-future of Superman had him running for President, after revealing his identity. Scientists examining his space ship determined it was an artificial womb designed to expel him when it arrived on Earth, so technically he was "born in the USA" and eligible to run for the high office.


Of course who knows how much longer that might still apply...

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