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Brick Power Costs in Champions 6E


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On page 252 of Champions 6E, they list Brick power sets. They show this power (and a lot of variations):


Super-Tough Body: Resistant (+½) for 25 PD/ 25 ED. 


They list a cost of 25 points.


I can't figure out what this is.  If you put this in as Resistant Protection, it costs 90 75 points. 


Irconclad is built with a power like this that costs basically nothing.


Does anyone know what they were trying to build here?

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There are two ways to get resistant defenses:

a) buying Resistant PD/ED

b) buying PD/ED, then buying the resistant advantage for those points


Your case is B. You tried to math it like a case A.

But if you add the cost of hte Defenses themself to it, you should get the same result.

On 2/4/2019 at 4:42 PM, PamelaIsley said:

Super-Tough Body: Resistant (+½) for 25 PD/ 25 ED.  

This is actually 25 PD, 25 ED and Resistant (+1/2) for 50 points of defenses. 3x25 or 75 Active Points.

And it should be 50x1.5 = 75 Active Points for Resistant Protection as well (no idea where you got the 90 from).



Note however:

- both builds are viable.

- both builds are similar but not quite the same. For example, they react differently to Drain or Aid rD/D.

- there is no clear consesnsus when you should use one or the other. Vanilla books tend towards using "Resistant Defenses" for Armors you wear and "Defenses, Resistant (+1/2)" for things like skin. But even those books are not consistent in that regard.

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On 2/4/2019 at 11:02 AM, PamelaIsley said:

That makes sense I guess.  The Brick template doesn't list PD and ED that high, but I see that you can add another template from the bottom to get it there.  That is what was confusing me.



It's not that you CAN add another template from the bottom, choosing one of those templates is part of using the character builder. The powers aren't designed to be used separately from the quick build and assume you will have the appropriate defenses to apply the Advantage to.

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