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Could we have one forum thread per store product?

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As the Subject says.


E.g www.paizo.com where every one of the products they sell, both 1st and 3rd party, each have a dedicated forum thread.


When a new product is added to the site ahead of release date (or Kickstarter date for HERO), it provides a place to collect discussion.


Also, even for existing products, it's a place to discuss the best use one got out of Enemies III etc.


My own recent efforts to find a Champions/HERO group her in Raleigh-Durham NC have led me to realize I need to be the GM because the interest is coming primarily from players unfamiliar with HERO, or first time playing a superhero RPG.


So, I'll be posting a thread for "best Enemies book to buy first/other recommendations", but how much nicer would it have been if I could just go to distinct product threads and not read only reviews (if available) but also threads dedicated to specific products?


Just some thoughts...




A.T.R.A. Mk II

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