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The King Kirby Superdraft.

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It is the King Kirby Superdraft. 
- Usual Superdraft rules apply.
- Eligibility: Any character created or co-created by Jack "King" Kirby.
- Any character not created or co-created by The King but drawn by him requires an Option pick.
- Location is drafted first, and any subsequent picks in any order. 
Location: 1
Heroes: 6
Villain: 1
Options: 3
New Rule: Commissioner Bonus Pick
If the Commissioner loves a draft pick, he can award that player a Bonus Pick. Bonus Picks are just that, a bonus, and once awarded can be redeemed at any time. Bonus Picks can also be awarded for creative or obscure draft picks that the Commissioner feels warrant the awarding of one. A maximum of 5 Bonus Picks can be awarded during the draft.


When do we start? Pariah decides. Not to. 


Edit: Okay, the time to start is 9 pm GMT/UTC this Thursday. Google says this is 4 pm Eastern Time. So Friday in Australia. 

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This space is reserved for Rosters an other nonsense. 


Rosters !!!
Location: Washington DC
Hero: Fighting American
Hero: Jim Harper, The Guardian
Hero: OMAC
Hero: C aptain Gl ory
Hero: Silver Star
Hero: Bombast
Villain: The Manhunters
Option: Ariel (Thundarr the Barbarian)
Option: Brooklyn Dan Turpin
Option: GPA
death tribble
Location: Darwin, Australia
Hero: Big Barda
Hero: Machine Man
Hero: Mr Miracle
Hero: Black Pant her
Hero: Karnilla
Villain: Dr Victor Von Doom
Option : (villain ) MODOK
Option : (villain ) Hela
Title: Monsters vs. A liens!
Location : The Savage Land !
Hero: The Mole Man!
Hero: Fin Fang Foom!
Hero : Devil Dinos aur!
Hero : It, The Li ving Coloss us!  
Hero: Giganto!
Hero: Grogg!
Villain: Groot!
Option: (villain) Goom! 
Option: (villain) Go ogam! 
Option: (villain) Gor -K il l!
Bonus: The T hin g (Ben Grimm)! 
Title : Winter Is Coming (Again)
Location : New York City
Hero: Etrigan the Demon
Hero : Morgaine le Fey
Hero : Dr. Drui d
Hero : The Forgotten O ne
Hero : Scarlet Witch
Hero : Gargoyle (Isa ac C hristians)
Villain : Amora the Enchantress
Option: (villain) Skurge the Execu tioner
O ption : (master vi llain) Ymir
Option : (villains/mooks) Frost Gian ts
Bonus: (item) The Casket of Ancient Winte r s
Title: Assault on W undagore Mo untain
Location: Wundagore Mountain
Hero: Captain America
Hero: Two Gun Kid
Hero:  Dum Dum Dugan
Hero :  Kamand i
Hero:  Ace Morgan (Chall engers of the Unkno wn)
Hero :  Destroyer Duck
Villain: The Red Skull
Option: Puppet Master
O ption : Klarion the Witch Boy
 O ption : Uatu the Watche r
Bonus: Mantis (New God)


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Ok. I'm a little behind with things. 


Good work to the players. Liking how things are shaping up. 


First Bonus Draft Pick goes to Psybolt for putting Red Skull at Wundagore Mountain. Psybolt, feel free to make another pick whenever you like. 


Only 4 Bonus Picks left to award. 

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