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6E Speedster Question: Running or Flight?

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3 hours ago, Doc Democracy said:


There is another reason 10” Flight, only touching surface (cost break) might out compete 10” Running, may cross water & run up walls (cost booster). ?



Ya. This is why I always tend to squint at workarounds that function by taking a different power than the one expected and applying limitations to remove stuff to back into a desired effect, vs take a more applicable power and add adders or advantages to upgrade it to arrive at the desired effect. The math of applying lims vs applying advantages has a tendency to work out with the backassward approach being more economical.


Presumably, if an official way to build a run on water and up walls were provided using the Running power, and it was still cheaper to buy Flight and apply Limitations to arrive at the same effect, Meta-rule #6 would kick in.




If instead a new edition were to just unify the movement powers into one base power to which you dialed in the desired behavior it would be moot, because there aren't competing movement powers that somehow don't math out the same when configured to behave similarly.



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On 2/8/2019 at 4:02 AM, Ninja-Bear said:

I know you could cptpatriot but do you use it?

Yes, I have.


I should clarify when I find it appropriate. I will use the Usable As Flight advantage when the need to move over fluids is needed. If you only need to run up buildings and not run over fluids, you have the option to also choose Clinging to run up the wall.

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