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Fantasy Hero Primer Updated

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Hi all.  I've just updated my primer designed to introduce players (especially D&D players) to Fantasy Hero.  You can find it here:




I would have just bumped the old thread where we originally hashed it out, but the fabulous archive feature prevents this.  I don't intend to keep updating it on any sort of schedule, but if anyone finds any errors or has any suggestions that don't require too much page count / rewriting I'd be happy to consider them (for instance, I was going through the previous thread and saw someone talking about shield bashing, and added that in).

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Overall - Loved it.


Couple spots on the characteristics chart seem to be off-base.  I can't imagine a campaign where the fighters had a speed of 5+.

Normally I'll let players have a stat or two in your Legendary range as the campaign progresses, but a speed of 6 or 7 seems REALLY high.


I will totally forward this to my Wednesday night crew.  That's two groups playing HERO now.  :)


Now if I can corrupt the guys up at Reaper and draw in another crowd.

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