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Super Weekend Read by the Fireplace Tournament - Round 3

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For the Best Super Weekend Read by the Fireplace Tournament, each participant submitted two entries of a comic book series arc, limited comic series, or comic graphic novel that was published 10 years ago or older, that they would enjoy spending a cold weekend reading or rereading by the fireplace. You the voters will decide which would be the Best Super Weekend Read by the Fireplace by voting for your preference in each match up. Anyone can vote.


Round 2 results


Astonishing X-Men (Whedon) (1) OVER All-Star Superman (2) – 6 to 3

Watchmen (3) OVER Armor Wars (Iron Man) (10) – 6 to 3

The Great Darkness Saga (3) OVER Batman: Year One (7) – 5 to 4  

The Judas Contract (5) OVER Camelot 3000 (7) – 6 to 3

Squadron Supreme Maxi-Series (4) OVER The Cartoon History of the Universe – Gonick (12) – 6 to 3

Crisis on Infinite Earths (2) OVER Thor - Simonson’s run (9) – 5 to 4

Gaiman's Sandman run (9) OVER Elfquest (13) – 6 to 3

Embers: Sundog (7); Pariah (10); Cancer (12); Lucius (13)


Round 3 Match-Ups


Astonishing X-Men (Whedon) (1) OR Gaiman's Sandman run (9)

The Great Darkness Saga (3) OR The Judas Contract (5)   

Watchmen (3) OR Crisis on Infinite Earths (2) OR Squadron Supreme Maxi-Series (4)


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