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The Umbrella Academy

Iuz the Evil

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I'll repost from 'recently watched' thread.


I actually enjoyed it and recommend it.  However, it is not an 'action series' like Daredevil or Punisher.  It could be said that there were too many subplots, but I generally liked them all.  Acting was very good and the FX were excellent.

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I liked it. Could have been edited down a little but overall held my interest. 


It reminded me a bit of the british show Misfits from a few years ago with teens at a juvie center who get powers from a weird event with the same actor as Klaus.


The donut eating assassin and Five did a particularly good job; I kept watching for their scenes.

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4 hours ago, death tribble said:

Is this more Resident Evil 'zombie' stuff as Umbrella is the bad guys in that ?


4 hours ago, megaplayboy said:

No, it's more X-Men like, with some twists.  

I'd say it was like a hybrid of X-Men, Doom Patrol, X-files and maybe some of the weirder modern stuff like Planetary.


Very strange, very cool. Lots of style, good sound track (great use of music), and complicated characters. The use of superpowers was really well done in my opinion, including the public celebrity status (and the public's lack of attention span even for the truly extraordinary).


I liked it, but the more I noodle on it the better I think they did.

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It ended strong, but the middle episodes had serious momentum problems IMO. I kinda feel the season took way too long to get to the point where Vanya becomes the White Violin, and then everything that came as a consequence of that was crammed into only a couple of episodes. Since this series pulls narrative strands from all throughout the comic series, being faithful to it--in terms of pacing and such--was clearly never its objective. The freedom they gave themselves wasn't used as effectively as it could have been from a structural point of view. For instance, it also took way too long for Klaus to get sober and get a sense of his full potential (which doesn't even include TK like he has in the comics), IMO.


But overall I enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to seeing where they take season 2. Maybe to Hotel Oblivion...

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