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Revised Sidekick PDF?

Duke Bushido

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I've been lying abed ill for a couple of days; I thought I'd use some of this time to catch up on some reading.  The problem is the HERO books aren't exactly novels, and hard to keep open and out of your face when lying at odd angles.  :(  


So I thought I'd pick up the PDF and read it on my phone.  I went to the 5e section for the store, and there is no PDF for this book.  No; I take that back: I can't buy the PDF because they don't have a paper book to go with it. 




Does anyone know where I can buy- legitimately buy-  a PDF of this book? 






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I would suggest sending a Private Message to Jason Walters about this issue. I'm guessing it's just an oversight that the PDF isn't listed as available separately, and perhaps easily corrected.


But if you don't want to wait, DriveThruRPG does seem to have it: http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/3086/HERO-System-Sidekick-Revised?it=1

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