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What kind of monster are you?

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Of course, the monster I'd most like to be is a dragon.  However, I'm not really greedy and all dragons are greedy.     So, I'm somewhat slow and methodical, I stay confined to a set area, I

I'm a social democrat, which seems to terrify a lot of people.   

2 hours ago, Badger said:


Don't feel too bad, as a fiscal conservative, I was required to buy Hunted: U.S. Congress (ALL of Congress)




I have to put so many modifiers on my politics these days. I used to describe myself as a supply side, civil libertarian for supporting the "open borders " Republican Jack Kemp with his flat tax plan for president in 1988 and Democrat Moonbeam Jerry Brown with his flat income tax plan in 1992. But that's getting kind of dated now.


Today I'm more of a Civil Libertarian, Constitutionalist, Small Government, Original Never Trumper (before Romney's clique joined the Never Trumpers and ruined the name).


So I'm a CLiCoSmaGONT.


The Clicosmagont. Kind of rolls of the tongue, doesn't it?


Complications: Never invited to join a party

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On 2/25/2019 at 10:25 PM, Tjack said:

    I don’t know if it qualifies as a monster, but real world appearance, build, personality and popular opinion of friends & loved ones put me pretty squarely as a Dwarf.

Huh, I did not even consider that as an option (too humanoid I guess?). But in every game I play, my first Character is a dwarf. It is a mater of tradition.

So, for want to be my answer is: Dwarf


What would be most fitting us trickier.
I like to stay at home, but am actually very good on feet once I get moving.

I am introverted.

The cold bothers me little

I eat almost exclusively meat.

For encapsulates me would say: The Snow Fox.

Unless there is a mythical creature that fits as well.

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I'm guessing I would be originally a strikingly handsome cambion. But then in an epic battle that resulted from my father striking out against my mother in a bid for freedom, my handsome form would be split into two "halves". I could then either appear in the form of a gnarled, old human male, or as a bloated, red-skinned demonic figure. In my demonic form, I would be seven feet tall, with reddish skin, pointed ears, and long, steely fingers. In my human form, I would be barely five feet in height, and could attack with a disgusting spittle that withers all that it touches.


I mean, hypothetically. Hard to be sure, specifically. :)

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