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Grimknight (original 5E character)

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As part of a game that a friend is going to start, using Champions, I re-created an ancient character of mine, Grimknight. He was originally a Champions character, then a Mutants & Masterminds character, and is currently a Bulletproof Blues character. I could not find his old Champions character sheet, so I re-created him using points approved by the GM of the game that will be starting. Maybe you'll find it interesting.





Diggs Tyler is a handsome, bald, black man in his early thirties. He typically dresses in tailored suits or expensive casual wear in the latest style. When he adopts the persona of Grimknight, he wears a non-reflective black body suit, black full head mask, and sturdy black boots and gloves. Over this attire he wears a hooded cloak, the Mantle Of Arawn. In daylight the cloak appears to be pale grey, while at night the cloak is an opalescent white.


Diggs Tyler was a private investigator for several years while he worked his way through law school. (Most private investigators work either for insurance companies or lawyers, so this was a natural match.) After graduation, he became a prosecutor in the New York County District Attorney's Office, where he has served the borough of Manhattan with distinction.


Diggs Tyler is friendly, engaging, and fun-loving. While he may come across as a bit of a Casanova when dealing with the opposite sex, he is never overbearing or disrespectful. He is the flame, not the moth. His years of working as a private investigator have made him skilled at forming a bond with people he's just met and getting them to open up to him. This has served him well in the District Attorney's Office. As Grimknight, Diggs is far less friendly, using his powerful presence and his skill at reading people to intimidate and interrogate suspected wrongdoers.

Tyler is a descendant of Gwynn Ap Nudd, King of the Faeries and the Otherworld (also called Annwn). He was not aware of his heritage until he was selected to be the next Knight of the Summerland due to the mysterious death of the previous Knight of the Summerland. However faint the blood connection may be, Tyler is a faerie by birthright, which permits him to wear and use the Mantle of Arawn, a powerful faerie artifact.


Grimknight also carries a number of useful but ordinary pieces of equipment, such as an IR camera, first aid kit, and a radio.


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10 minutes ago, grandmastergm said:


Did you commission him or just get it from his site?


I commissioned a couple of dozen character illustrations from him for the 2nd edition of Bulletproof Blues. This is one of them.

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