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2019-2020 NFL Thread

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On the contrary. Any day I get to see the Dallas Cowboys lose is a good day.

So, a year from now Minnesota will be 0-5 in Super Bowls

YES, the 49ers are denied!   I was a Elway Broncos fan back in the day. The petty bitterness lingers

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Philip Rivers Factoid of the Week:

  • Philip Rivers and wife Tiffany have nine children: two boys and seven girls.
  • Rivers’ mom was one of nine children: two boys and seven girls.
  • Rivers’ grandfather was one of nine children: two boys and seven girls.
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11 hours ago, Pariah said:

Yeah, I wonder if the person(s) responsible for Tampa Bay's name and logo are Herophiles...?




If so, they must have serious doubts over the chances of the franchise surviving. VIPER football players -- or, as we Champions players know them, "brightly-colored speed bumps".


I don't undertsand why McMahon thinks this XFL will succeed where the last one failed -- or indeed why he thought tryong to get into football again after getting spanked so badly twenty years ago was a good idea in the first place.


Seriously, though, the Vipers logo looks like an Overwatch League team. Which promises to be more consistently entertaining than the XFL.

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18 hours ago, Cancer said:

Andrew Luck announced his retirement.  Guess I can't blame him.

Considering that team management could not or world not put a competent offensive line in front of him to protect him, I agree.


I wasn't expecting the Colts to enter a 15-year rebuilding program so soon :(

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On 8/26/2019 at 2:10 PM, Old Man said:

It’s funny, I really haven’t seen a lot of outrage over Luck’s retirement.  Could it be that people are starting to understand how physically destructive football is?  I remember how Ricky Williams was treated after he retired. 

Would be nice. Though Indianapolis did boo him. 


I will say this. Most of the ire I've seen is pointed at Irsay and Gri...swald? The GM. 


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